Music, maestro!

Music at your quinceanera is vital in order to amp up the fun and excitement! Whether it’s for your waltz, dance party, surprise dance, or background music, having the ideal music for your celebration is an absolute must!

Planning the music for your event can be tiresome and even overwhelming so we would like to provide some suggestions that can help the process run smoothly so you can fully enjoy your waltz and dance party.

It’s important to understand the pros and cons between pre-recorded music, a DJ, and live music. The music you pick will define the party atmosphere and will be one of the main things your guests will remember. Ready to dance? Music, maestro!

Think Ahead

Start researching and interviewing musicians about 8 months before your event and aim to book your band or DJ at least 6 months in advance. Make sure you take your space, guests, and age ranges into consideration when organizing your dance party music.

If the venue only fits a certain number of people make sure that the dances are appropriate to what the dance floor will permit. Don’t force a mosh pit into an intimate space. No one wants a fire hazard!

Also, try to have a fun, balanced music variety so that all your guests have something to jam to! Make sure your band or DJ can play songs that span several decades so that your 15-year-old cousin as well as your 75 year old grandpa can enjoy the music.

Pre-recorded Music

Pre-recorded music is the cheapest and easiest option (whether it be a Spotify playlist, iTunes, or even YouTube). Here you will be able to find songs by your favorite artists and the most popular hits. You would be able to customize your playlist to what you want – who wouldn’t want that?

Even though this may seem like the best option because it’s so versatile and money-saving, it cannot be compared to a professional DJ or a live musical group. It’s true, you will not be able to get the other options for free, but they do come with some amazing pros that a playlist will never be able to duplicate.


The DJ is probably the most sought after for dance parties. A DJ can give an incredible feel to your event and set the mood with original, dynamic mixes that inspires everyone to get up and dance!

A good DJ will be perceptive and professional and will know when to get the party started and when to take it down a couple notches for some slow dancing. Their mixes are also unique, and will not be found on any websites.

Not all DJ’s charge the same. A lot depends on how well known they are and their level of popularity. But usually the price is not outrageous and you can count on an unforgettable time!

Live Music

This option is, without a doubt, the most enchanting and inspiring one. Unfortunately, it’s usually the priciest option. But if your budget allows it, you won’t regret it!

Most groups can play a variety of styles including banda, ranchero, salsa, cumbia, and even Justin Bieber or Black Eyed Peas. If this music isn’t your cup of tea, there are many acoustic groups that can play and sing a variety of Latin-American music and even dedicate a ballad to the very special person, you!

Listen First

Before asking a group to play at your event, ask for samples of their music in order to listen and compare quality, style, and the variety offered. Interviews and websites only do so much and give you a small idea.

If you’re thinking of hiring a DJ or a musical group they should be able to provide you with samples. A professional DJ should have recordings of mixes created in past gigs and this will inform you on their talent level as well as their ability to interact with your guests.


For any group or DJ, having access to legitimate recommendations is crucial. That way you can be sure that past clients received the best service and you can count on the professionalism of the group or DJ.

Take the time to read the comments and recommendations of past clients and determine if they were happy with the service that was provided to them.


We hope that these suggestions were helpful to you in your music choosing process. Good luck and enjoy the dance party!

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You should also practice while wearing your high heels, and if possible, your dress or at least a practice skirt that mimics your gown’s full skirt. You don’t need to do this for every practice, but you should get a feel for how the skirt will weigh you down on the night itself. Never underestimate the pull of the dress, its length, or its volume. You also might find out that you move so much differently in your original shoe selection that you need to change them out for something more danceable.

What time should a quinceanera reception start.

Hey Maria!

Go off of what time the reception has to end! Most venues will give you a time frame for your event, so always go off of the “end” time.

A typical reception will include the entrance, food, traditional elements (waltz, last doll, etc), the cake cutting, and the party! Plan accordingly and make sure you have time for all those things. We’ve seen some receptions start at 3PM and others at 5PM. It just depends on what you would like to include in your event!

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