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It’s time to invite your friends and family to your big day! Mi Padrino is here to make it easier for you to plan, fund, and enjoy your event. It’s easy to share your event page on social media, but you should still send out formal invitations in the mail. (See our blog about Save-the-Dates here if you haven’t sent those out quite yet.)


Six to eight months before your event, start thinking about your invitations. That means it’s time to shop! This can be done online, or in local stationary stores. Check out the Mi Padrino Vendor page [here] to look for vendors in your area if you need some help. Look for inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines, and your surroundings. Think about the theme of your event and try to use similar colors, fonts, patterns, etc to coordinate them. You should order your invites 5 months out and send them 3-4 months out (bump this timeline up a month and send them out at month 5 if you are having a destination event).




Invitations can be as simple or as complex as you want, if your budget allows. There are plenty of examples of beautiful invitations that don’t cost a fortune, so you don’t have to spend all your gold to feel like a princess! Look at what inspires you and be creative! Play around with paper color, texture, art, font choice, and more to customize your invite to be one of a kind.



Be sure to include all the important details of your event: where the mass, ceremony, reception, or other event venue is, the date and time, and who the celebration is for. If there are two addresses, include them both here. You can also include your Mi Padrino event link, so padrinos can support your event and chime in!


Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Once you pick out the type of invitation you want, you will get a proof to review. Even if you think you have your wording and grammar perfect, have someone else who’s grammatically inclined take a look at your proofs. Read the words from right to left so you don’t overlook anything. Another set of eyes may see something you didn’t catch. We’ve seen horror stories of people ordering their invites after triple checking and still having spelling errors. You don’t want to have to reorder and get stuck with a bunch of invites you can’t use.



Remember that not all your guests will need an invitation. Families will only need one invite if they all live together. If the kids of a family are grown, they should be sent separate invitations. As far as people with significant others, keep it consistent. If you want everyone to have a plus one, that is great! You can choose to invite only married couples, or only couples who have dated more than a year, etc.


Order Extra

If you need 150 invites, get 15-20 extra. Just in case you spill something on a few invites, you will rest easy knowing you have extras. Your mom might want a couple for her scrapbook of the day, too!


Addressing Your Invites

Hand address your envelopes, or have a calligrapher address them. This looks much better than pre-printed address labels. If you don’t have the money to spend on a calligrapher, use your computer to print right on the envelopes with a cursive font and a light grey ink, and then trace over with a black pen. No one will be able to tell!



When you take your invitations to the post office, have them hand-cancel the envelopes. That means they won’t run through a machine, and potentially get destroyed and ruin your artwork. You can find beautiful themed stamps online for special events at the post office website. Include stamps for your RSVP cards as well, to be sure they get returned.


Ready to shop for invites? Check out our gorgeous collection in our shop!


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