Having a Photo Booth At Your Event

Photo booths are fun for everyone at the party! Your guests will love it. You will have a line to get into your booth and when guests come out they will always be smiling; so much so they come back again and again! We understand that they are an added expense to the fiesta, but they are a lot of fun for you and your guests.

Why you should have a photo booth

It is for all ages!

The kids will be able to take pictures and it’s always fun when the whole family is involved! Tios, tias, abuelos, primos, y primas can all be a part of the photo booth fun!

Give pictures out as gifts!

Give out fun pictures that your guests can look back on for years to come. If you have time take pictures with your guests in the photo booth, this way they can take home a sweet picture.

High-quality results

Today’s photo booths boast the highest quality pictures and technology. All booths are packed with the latest professional studio equipment. You can be sure that your pictures are in safe hands.


Theme it!

If you are having a themed quinceanera, vendors can customize props to match and – if the budget stretches – can even customize the booth itself!


Cool guestbook

Make sure everyone adds a snap to your guest book, or make copies while leaving a message around the photographs. It’s a new twist on the traditional guest books and one that you will want to look at again and again.


Convinced yet? Look for photo booth vendors on our vendor site to find vendors near you!

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