10 Must Ask Questions For Your Photographer and Videographer

General Questions

1. Is my event date available?

Most important thing!

2. Will you have any assistants with you on my event day?

Get a sense of what will be going on the day of your event. Will they be coming solo or with assistants?

3. Can I see your portfolio?

You wouldn’t hire a baker without trying out some of the baked goods, would you? This way you can see past work they have done and see the diversity of their shots, their use of lighting and how comfortable the photos’ subjects appear.

4. How soon will I see my photos/videos?

In today’s digital age, we expect everything yesterday. Most professionals will set up the images/videos on a password-protected website within a month or so of the event.

5. What packages do you offer?

Here you can see what each vendor has to offer you and compare all of them against each other. Find the one whose sales package matches your budget and what you want and you’re ready to go!

6. What’s your typical event day schedule?

Find out when they plan to arrive so you know which moments will be caught on camera and you can plan details like when to get ready. Also, something to factor in: how long they plan to stay. You’ll have a different set of pictures depending on whether they wait until most guests have left or leave much earlier.

7. What’s your backup plan?

Things do happen, so don’t rule out the possibility that they’ll get sick on the day of, or that something might break. They should have a plan B for situations like these and provide you with a contact to reach out to just in case or have the backup equipment! Being prepared for the worst case scenario ensure you will have the best of event days.

8. Can I give you a list of shots that I want?

Do you have dream photos or videos that you absolutely need at your event? Your vendor won’t know unless you tell her, so ask her if it’s okay if you send her a list of your must-have shots.

9. How much are the extras?

Say that you decide you want them to stay a little longer than you had anticipated. Will there be a fee? Are they available for the rehearsal dinner, too? Get these answers down so you can get the shots you want without any surprises. It is important to consider what you want them to capture!

10. Do you have insurance?

Many venues require that your vendors have their liability insurance coverage. A professional should be insured in case that an accident happens, let’s say, a guest or staff member stumbles upon the lighting equipment, or an umbrella hits someone in the head. Your guests and yourself can be as careful and cautious as possible, but a professional will always be insured in case of an emergency.

Be sure to download our full list of Questions to ask your Photographer/Videographer.

Happy planning!



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