Planning a Quinceanera on a Budget That Won’t Budge

Top 10 Tips For Your Quinceañera On A Budget

It’s likely that you’ve been thinking about your quinceañera since you were a little girl… dreaming of the perfect dress, the huge party, and the beautiful crown! But as the time approaches for your own quince, reality sets in– and it is such a buzzkill! We don’t have money for a fancy venue, let alone all the amenities! How does anyone afford a party like this?
Well, here’s the good news: you don’t have to be rich to have an awesome quince años. We’ve come up with some tips for planning a quinceanera on a budget when you have a budget that will not budge!

1. Start Planning Early

The best way to afford a quinceañera is to start your planning as early as you can. Sign up for your FREE event page on Mi Padrino, and you’ll get your own personalized budgeting tool! If you can start budgeting and saving for it a couple years in advance, you will be shocked at what you might be able to afford! That being said, not everyone has the forethought to start planning so early. That’s okay! Just make sure you are saving as much as you can, as soon as you start planning. Making small purchases over time will also help you out, so you don’t get hit with huge purchases close to the party date.

2. Skip the Fancy Venue

You don’t need a huge ballroom to have your perfect quince! Think of alternative places you could host your party. Many people are going the “rustic” route lately- maybe you have a family friend with a big barn you can use! Others have opted to have a backyard shindig. You can have a huge party at home in your backyard by renting a tent and some tables and chairs. Can’t afford to rent? Try asking your local church if you can borrow tables and chairs from them for a small fee!

3. DIY Everything!

Yes, DIY is a lot more work. But, by doing things yourself, you will save yourself a lot of money! From centerpieces to backdrops to favors, there is so much you can do yourself! Consider projects that are fairly simple and use cheap ingredients. For example, you can re-purpose baby food jars to use as jars for candy favors. When you are planning a quinceanera on a budget, DIY will be helpful.  We have tons of videos here for DIY Centerpieces, Decor, and more! You can also follow our DIY Pinterest board for even more ideas!

4. Have a Decorating Party

Have some DIY ideas brewing? Invite your chambelanes and damas over for a decorating party! Your friends and family can help you whip together 50 centerpieces in no time! Plus, it’s an awesome opportunity to bond with your close friends and blow off some steam. Your friends and family members may also be able to give you some clever ideas for decorating, or even have extra supplies you can use!

5. Rent Your Dress

Can’t afford to buy a fancy gown? That’s okay! There are several sites, like and Elegant Bridal Discount where you can rent a dress to wear at your party for a fraction of what a dress costs. Not comfortable renting online? Ask around! Some of your family members or friends may likely have a dress you could borrow or buy off of them for a low price! We also have lots of affordable dresses in our shop, for all budgets!

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Check out our affordable quinceanera dresses (filtered by price!) here.

6. Arrange Your Own Flowers

You can definitely cut costs by not hiring a florist. Many grocery stores carry flowers that you can buy and arrange yourself. If you are flexible as to what type of flower and how many of each you need, this might be a great option for you. You’ll want to go buy them 1 or 2 days before your quinceañera. Spend some time arranging them how you like, then store them in a refrigerator until the big day.

7. Who’s Cooking?
quinceanera on a budget

Caterers tend to be a big ticket item when it comes to quinceañeras. You can stick with your small budget by having a family member do the cooking. Maybe abuela makes awesome tamales? Sign her up! Some families choose to ask everyone in the family if they can contribute and bring a passing dish to the quince. If you and your parents can handle the main course, then everyone else can bring the rest of the meal!

8. Don’t Forget Padrinos!

The quinceañera tradition is rooted in community. Let your community help you! It can be soooo awkward to ask people for money, we get it. However, it doesn’t have to be! Create your free Mi Padrino page, and simply select the items you need for your quinceañera. You can share your Mi Padrino page to Facebook, and watch the support roll in! You will be so surprised to see who would love to contribute to your quince. Your parents and other family can share your page as well. Every little bit counts!

Keep in mind that not everyone uses technology the way your generation does. You can also check out our article on How to Ask Friends and Family to be Padrinos. You’ll also want to think of some less traditional padrinos- maybe a coach, teacher, or youth group leader. Let them know how much they mean to you, how they have impacted your life, and ask them if they would consider being a padrino!

9. Trim Your Guest List

This is a hard one, but it will make a huge difference. If you are having a catered meal and you can cut even 20 people from your guest list, it could save you around $200-$400 depending on your caterer’s price. You’ll also save money by using less tables and buying less favors. Not sure how to start cutting people? Check out Who to Invite and How to Choose.

10. Ditch the DJ

You don’t need a DJ to have an awesome party! Create a playlist and find a trustworthy friend to run it for you! Maybe you have a friend who was a runner-up chambelane or dama? You can ask him or her to be your DJ for the day. Sometimes, you can even get a cheap microphone so your friend can do your special announcements! You can find lots of playlists on Youtube, and we’ve created a bunch of playlists on Spotify, too!

So, now you have all the tools you need to plan a quinceanera on a budget! Remember, your quinceañera isn’t about all the fancy decorations or the huge venue, it’s about celebrating you and your life. So have fun with it!

Not sure where to start with your budget? Check out our top Tips to Stay on Budget!

Happy planning!


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