Pricing & Fees


It is completely free to create your event page and share it, but we still need to collect a fee for processing the fund payments. We partner with WePay to easily allow your friends and family to make contributions toward your party.

What’s Included for Free

Customizable event pageNo event goal requirements
Premade party supply listFast online support
Easy to share platformQuinceañera community to share ideas

Processing Fees in the United States

Mi Padrino Platform
(+$0.30 Payment Processing)
(+$0.30 Per Donation)

Example of our Processing Fee

A padrino contributes $100 to your page. Mi Padrino takes $5 from this (5% of the contribution). There is a credit card processing fee of $0.30 + $2.90 (2.9% of the contribution). You’ll receive $91.80 ($100-$5-$2.90-$0.30)

Things to Consider

Every event has unexpected expenses that come up: last minute dress alterations, extra accessories, or emergency replacements just to name a few. You decide the exact dollar amounts your Padrinos can pay per item. We suggest including a cushion for these extra expenses with every item listed on your event page. These extra funds will cover any unexpected expenses along with the Mi Padrino processing fee.