Your Best Hair Day Ever

Our 5 Favorite Tips for a Perfect Hair Day

You’ve been planning this huge event for months and the day is finally approaching. You have your colors, your dress, and your venue all picked out, but what about your hair? We know very well how finicky hair can be, and it always seems to act upon important days.

We want you to feel and look your best on your special day, so we have a few tips for you (and your hair).



Compliment Your Dress

More than likely, you’ve already thought about how you want to style your hair for the big day. Before you decide on that perfect updo or those soft waves, think about your dress. You want to make sure that whatever hairstyle you choose doesn’t compete with your dress, but rather complements it. If your dress has a high neckline, with lots of sparkly details, you might want to style your hair in a subtle updo. If you have a beautiful open back on your dress, consider a side braid or pony.

Trial & Error

Plan a trial run with your hair stylist a few weeks before the big day. It’s so important to work out all the little kinks ahead of time! Doing this trial will give your stylist a chance to figure out exactly what you want and you will be able to rest easy, knowing it will all work out on the day of. Make the most of your trial run by bringing photos of the hairstyle you have in mind, as well as any accessories you are planning to wear.

What’s In the Forecast?

Your hair can be easily influenced by the weather. If your big event is taking place during the hot, humid months of summer, you’ll want a very put-together look for your hair, like a neat updo. If your special day is happening during cool weather, you can feel more confident in those cascading curls you’ve had your eye on.

Put The Scissors Down

We have all had one of those bad haircuts. The one where you went to the salon asking for a trim, and left without 75% of your hair. Yeah, that one. This is the last thing you need to stress about on your big day! Your hair stylist doesn’t need a fresh trim in order to work her magic on your hair.  If you are planning to have your hair color treated or to make any big changes like a cut or perm, make sure it is done at least a month before the event.

Speak Up

This is your day. This day does not belong to David The Expert Hairstylist. If you aren’t happy with the way your hairstyle is turning out, you do not need to suffer in silence; speak up right away! Be polite but firm. The sooner you say something, the more time he will have to fix it.


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