Essential Tips For Staying On Budget With Your Quince

Deciding on a budget and sticking with it is one of the most difficult parts of planning a big event. We have compiled a few tips to help you stay on course while planning your big day.

  1. Don’t Spend Before Budgeting

You’re out shopping and you see the most beautiful little lantern–wouldn’t it be the perfect decoration for your ceremony? While that may be true, you need to stop yourself right there! Until you have your budget decided, you should not spend one pretty penny. It’s easy to spend a bit here and there without thinking much of it, but those little expenses will add up in the end!


  1. Speak With Your Padrinos/Those Contributing

You might have a few relatives that have mentioned their willingness to contribute to your big day. If this is the case, you’ll need to sit down and have a talk with them about exactly what they have in mind. It might be a dollar amount or it might be a specific expense, such as paying for your dress. Whatever the case is, you need to know in order to budget correctly.


  1. Keep Track of Expenses

We will admit, this one kind of stinks. Unless you are a very organized person, it can be difficult to record every purchase. However, this is one of the best ways to make sure you’re staying on budget because if you don’t know how much you’re spending, you’re more than likely spending too much. Record everything you buy for the big day and how much it cost. Keep your receipts in the same place to make returns that much easier.

  1. Organize Your Money

Consider putting all your money for your big day into a specific account. This will assist in keeping track of your expenses by keeping your event purchases separate from your everyday expenses.


  1. Don’t Flirt With the Line

Draw the line where your budget ends and be serious about it. When speaking with vendors, be clear about how much you have budgeted for their service and don’t let them talk you up. If anything, they might come down on their prices if they see that you mean business.


  1. Budget for Extras

Things don’t always go perfectly when planning a big event. Don’t let your budget be thrown out the window just because of one mistake. Save room in your budget for “the unknown.” Best case scenario, nothing goes wrong and you get to use this money on a fun extra for your big day!


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