Quinceañera Cakes: How You Can Cut Costs, Then Cut The Cake

There are plenty of ways to save money on quinceañera cakes. If you are trying to cut costs, here are some easy tricks to do so!

Sheet Cakes

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Many people choose to display a small cake for cutting, and keep sheet cakes in the back for serving. Your baker will likely charge you more for each tier you add onto your cake, because they are difficult to balance and each tier needs to be decorated. The sheet cakes still taste amazing and has the frosting and flavors that you want, but will cut your costs by not having a huge, tiered cake on display.  

Rose Gold Crown Cake
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Still have your heart set on a huge display cake? You can ask your baker to use fake foam tiers. The fake tiers will still need to be decorated so they will cost you a little bit, but they are infinitely easier to balance and your guests won’t know the difference.

Deconstructed Cake

Like we stated, tiered cakes can be quite pricey because of how difficult they are to assemble and transport. Instead of having a multi-tiered cake on display, consider putting individual cakes on each guest table. This could save you money in your decoration category because the cakes can double as a unique centerpiece. In addition, you can make the cakes on each table different– how fun!

Tres Leches Cake

A traditional but inexpensive option- Tres Leches Cake! This ‘wet-cake’ includes a mixture of evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream that sets into the cake overnight to give it the wet effect! It’s a sweet, delicious option if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a typical tiered cake! Loved by many, you can find this cake fairly easy! It’s a staple in Mexican bakeries and since it’s been around for quite some time, there might even be a tia or close relative that knows how to make one or knows someone who does!

For the guests who aren’t fans, you can set out tres leches and sheet cakes so they have options to choose from! In addition, you can also make Ensalada de Frutas (fruit salad in condensed milk) or Gelatina (jello concoction), which pair perfectly with these cakes!

Less Expensive Flavor

A simple way to cut costs with your cake is to go with a flavor that costs less. When you go to the cake tasting, your baker will likely make you fall in love with a flavor like the “mocha almond chocolate cake with fresh raspberry filling”. You must resist! These flavors take a lot more work to achieve and are therefore often more expensive. Plus, the more complex your flavor, the more likely it is that all your guests won’t be pleased. This isn’t to say you can’t have a fun flavor, just try to keep it simple. Go with a classic cake flavor to please your wallet and your guests.


Glitter Quinceañera Cake with Pink Flowers
Credit: April’s Cakes


Skip the Fondant

Keeping in the spirit of simple; ask your baker to decorate with buttercream instead of fondant. Yes, fondant is amazing for making intricate designs, but it is also very time-consuming for your baker. Opt for buttercream frosting and keep to a more simple design. You’d be surprised what kind of designs can still be achieved with buttercream. Plus, it tastes better. You can also save some money by skipping the crazy designs and decorating with real, fresh flowers.

Dessert Table

We’ve all seen the popular trend of displaying a cupcake tree and, more recently, donut walls at events as well. These are cute and functional. If you are thinking about these trends, maybe you want to consider skipping the big cake and having a dessert table at your reception. Dessert tables are fun because you can make them as varied as you’d like! You can do something like the donuts or cupcake displays. Or, you can set up a table full of various desserts, like pies, muffins, candies and tarts.

DIY Cake Topper

This tip doesn’t necessarily cut your costs with your baker, but it will save you some money where your cake is concerned. Instead of ordering an expensive topper for your cake, you can make your own. Many people paint their own peg people toppers, or create a cute little sign to put on top. You can even spray paint a pumpkin carriage for a Cinderella theme, like below! 

cinderella theme cake

Cake Favors

Not sure what to do for favors yet? You can use your cake as a favor! This is another tip that doesn’t necessarily cut your cake costs, but will help make some room in the budget. We love this idea because too often, we receive party favors that we can’t really enjoy. After a long night of dancing and celebrating, it would be awesome to head home with a slice of cake in hand! Another reason you might love this idea is because it is sometimes difficult to make room for everything in the reception schedule. You can cut out dessert time by sending the cake home with your guests– they’re usually too full to completely enjoy it at the reception anyway!

Mermaid Cupcakes
Credit: cakesbymadelin

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