The Ultimate Guide for Quinceañera Cakes

While choosing your pastel may seem like a piece of cake, you may in fact end up having a lot of different questions to ask. So, we’re here to make sure your quinceanera cake planning ultimately runs as smoothly as possible. We have tons of tips and knowledge on pricing, sizing, booking time frames, and much much more for your quince cake, and even have some expert tips on how to save some money!  

Pink and White Quinceanera Cake Pink and White Quinceanera Cake
Credit: @cakesconfectionsandmore

Design & Decor

Overall, your cake design and color should match the overall theme of your party. Talk to your baker on what color icing or frosting you may want on the cake and how you want it to be designed. You can add a variety of decor elements to your cake such as the following:

  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Shimmer
    • Silver or Gold Leaf Foils
  • Gems
    • Edible, of course!
  • Icing
    • Flower
    • Trims
  • Hand Painted Designs

You may want to do crazy, designs that match your theme perfectly. Help your baker by showing them pictures of cake ideas you like, but keep in mind that the more detailed the design is, the more expensive it could get! Check out some ideas below!


Choosing a type of cake will be fun and at the same time difficult. There are so many different styles of cake. Here is a list of cakes that you could go for:

  • Naked
  • Tall
  • Floral
  • Handpainted
  • Chalkboard (Super unique)
  • Metallic
  • Lace
  • Themed
  • Novelty
    • Cupcake Towers
    • Macarons Tower

Cake Shape

Another element to think about when looking at quinceanera cakes is what shape you want your cake to be. For the most part, you typically see round cakes, but there are so many other options to choose from.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Hexagon
  • Petal
  • Pillow
  • Heart
  • Mix of any of the above


There are so many flavors to choose from for quinceañera cakes. Here are some of the most common flavors to choose from:

  • Vanilla
    • Vanilla is by far the most common flavor for quinceañera cakes. It also is the cheapest.
    • Try adding fruit filling to give it mas sabor!
  • Chocolate
    • Another common flavor.
    • Try asking your baker if you can mix vanilla and chocolate cake together!
  • Tres Leches
    • This is a popular type of cake in the Mexican community. This may cost more to make though!
    • Ask your cake baker if you can have one cake be Tres Leches if the quinceañera loves this type of cake!
  • Filling Flavors
    • Strawberry
    • Pineapple
    • Raspberry


Frosting is LITERALLY the icing to the pastel. Frosting can really make or break the cake, for a lot of people. It can give it a different sabor, a different look, and a different texture. This is why we recommend to go in for a taste test when you talk to your cake baker. Check out the different frostings below:

  • Buttercream
  • Fondant
  • Meringue
  • Whipped Cream
  • Ganache
  • Naked

Cake Toppers

Always make sure to ask your cake baker what cake toppers they have. In most cases, they should have either a topper that says “Mis Quince” or something similar. They may have a quinceañera figure that you can use too!


If you have a specific theme or color, try searching for toppers that go with that! You can find toppers both online and in a local store!


Quinceañera cakes can be quite extravagant and can be quite the decoration depending on how big and eye-catching they are! Before the quinceañera blows out the candles and cuts the cake, the cake will most likely be on display somewhere. Make sure it’s in a place your guests can see and admire it! We recommend the cake have its own separate table, either round or rectangular depending on the shape of the cake.


Pricing can depend on any of the following:

  • Sizing
  • Flavor
  • Decoration
    • Flower arrangements
    • Colorful accents
    • Custom cake
  • Extra Costs
    • Adding fruits
    • Adding fruit jelly
  • Type of Frosting
    • Buttercream
    • Fondant
  • Displays
  • Cake Toppers (optional)
  • Cake Delivery

Quinceañera cakes can run anywhere from $100 to $1000, so keep all of the factors above in mind when going to your potential cake bakers for quotes!


The size of the quinceañera cake should be based on the number of people attending your reception. Usually, if you let your baker know how many guests are going to be in attendance, they can tell you exactly what size cake you should get. Mas vale tener more cake, than less cake!

You can get anywhere from 6-12 inch cakes from your baker and combine all the different sized tiers to accommodate anywhere from a small, personal party to a large quinceañera! Check out all the different serving sizes for each cake and ideas on how to tier up your quince cake!

Quinceanera Cake Tier Guide Check out the Square Cake Cutting Guide on our Pinterest page. It shows


After you do a little bit of research of all the bakers in your area and decide who you want to go with, make sure to book the cake as soon as possible. We recommend booking the baker about 6 to 8 month in advance. You want to make sure your first option is available and avoid a time where there may be a high amount of orders (wedding and quince season is typically May-Aug). Typically you should finalize any cake decisions no later than a month prior to the big event. Cake bakers need enough time to plan out all the supplies they may need for creating your quince cake!

Cake Delivery

Make sure you talk to the baker prior to your quince to make sure you know how your cake will be delivered. You also want to make sure that if anything needs to be assembled, you know exactly who will do that and have time and space for setting it up.

Pink and Gold Quinceanera Cake
Credit: @claudiamoraescakedesigner

Quinceañera Cake Tips

  • Taste the Cake

    • You don’t want your guests to criticar criticando your cake for being too dry or bland, so try to go in to sample the cake before your buy it. Not only do you get a chance to ask questions to your baker, but you also get to comer deliciosos pasteles.
  • Finalize your Guest List

    • Before you start shopping around for cakes, check your guest list! You want to at least have a rough idea of how many people will attend your fiesta so you know what size cake to get. You don’t want to get too much cake, leaving you with lots of leftovers, or too little cake, leaving guests upset that they didn’t get a chance to try it.
  • Have Realistic Expectations

    • We’ve all seen those incredible, perfect looking cakes on social media. Don’t be fooled though. People nowadays are creating “fake” cakes made out of styrofoam or cardboard that look realistic but are really just a prop!

Need ideas on how to save $$$ on quinceañera cakes? Check our top tips on how to save money on yours today!


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