Quinceanera Centerpieces

There are a lot of small details to think about when planning your quinceanera, and the centerpieces are one of them! What kind should you choose? Do you have a theme planned? Should you buy them, or DIY? We’ve done some research, and are here to answer any questions you have. Quinceanera centerpieces: the nitty-gritty. You have the big stuff figured out: the venue, dresses, food, the guest list…now it’s time for the personal touches. We are going to chat about the quinceanera centerpieces, how to choose them, what to buy, and all things in between.

Quinceanera Centerpieces:

Quinceanera centerpieces are the decorative items that sit in the middle of the tables. These centerpieces can be part of your quince theme if you have one, or just a few snazzy pieces that you love. Some of our favorites include flowers, pearl beads, marbles, candles, and of course, glitter!


Quinceanera Centerpiece Budget:

Centerpieces might be one of those things that slips under the radar when it comes to budget. If you’ve forgotten to include money for these, don’t fret! They can be DIY if you’d like. A few simple touches can transform your tables from plain to glamorous. The easiest way to determine your budget is to figure out your table arrangement. If you have round tables, you can use one main centerpiece, and smaller items to bring the theme together, like votive candles (real candles OR battery operated will work). The same idea will work for larger, rectangular tables but you will need to think about the placement. A good rule of thumb is one centerpiece every 4-5′, but that also depends on how large your centerpieces are.


DIY Centerpieces:

We LOVE to DIY anytime we can — it’s budget-friendly, you can let your creative side shine, and you can turn it into a fun craft with your friends! With a little work, you can use most things for centerpieces. Some aluminum cans & spray paint = glam containers! Mason jars & a little ribbon = candle holders. You can also get a lot of good stuff at a dollar store! You can get glass vases, to fill with a bunch of different things: sand, flowers, beads — whatever your heart desires! Take a look at some of our favorites here!

Glitter Quinceañera Table Decorations
Credit: ENVIous Events









Quinceanera Centerpiece Themes:

Often, quinceaneras have a theme, and the decorations can be centered around the theme. Some of the favorites that we’ve seen are:

  • Alice In Wonderland, where you could do centerpieces like the tea party
  • Cinderella, where you could easily turn some glass slippers and pearls into a dreamy centerpiece, fit for a princess
  • Mexican, go back to your culturally deep roots, incorporating your favorite things for a personal touch
  • The Great Gatsby, elegant and classy, this theme is a fresh way to add glitz to your quince: black, white, & gold… endless centerpiece ideas

Let your imagination run wild! You can add photos, flowers, candles (just make sure your venue allows them, otherwise LED alternatives will work too), candelabras: whatever you and your heart desire.

Ultimately, the way you decorate your quince is up to you, and your centerpieces should fit what you like.

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