Quinceanera Ceremony Tips For a Day You’ll Never Forget

10 of Our Favorite Tips to Plan a Seamless Ceremony

The ceremony will be the most special and intimate moment of your big day. We know that it can be overwhelming to plan such an important moment, so we have compiled a list of expert Quinceanera ceremony Tips for planning your perfect ceremony. Sit back, relax, and get ready to plan!

1. Consider a Small Ceremony

A trend that we are seeing more often lately is the intimate ceremony, including just family and a few close friends. If you are looking to have a more private feel for your ceremony, this might be the perfect choice for you. It takes less pressure off of you, as you will be standing in front of fewer people. It also opens up some smaller ceremony options for you that might not have been an option with your full guest list.

2. Ask for Recommendations

When you decide on a venue, you might be able to save yourself some time by asking the vendor for some suggestions. If they don’t already have someone available for use, your ceremony vendor is likely to know of a few musicians they have used before. The ceremony vendor may also be able to tell you about different decorations and styles they have seen at their venue, what worked well and what didn’t.

3. Inform Your Guests

Your guests are so very thrilled for you on your special day. They will be even more excited if they know what’s going on. Consider ordering programs for your ceremony, especially if you are planning a long one. If you are including any special rituals or traditions, include an explanation so that your guests can understand its significance.

4. Prepare Your Music

When choosing music for your ceremony, there are a few things to pay attention to. One of our favorite tips is to choose several songs of the same style. For example, three songs that are written by the same artist. Also, pay attention to how long the songs are. You might love a particular song, but discover it is not long enough for your candle ceremony. If you are having a live musician at your ceremony, set up a time prior to the ceremony rehearsal to go over song choices with them. They might have an idea for drawing out that candle lighting song you love in order to make it long enough!

5. Share the Spotlight

On your big day, there might not be anything more special than sharing it with your loved ones. The ceremony is a perfect time to honor those who are not part of the event already. You might ask a close friend to do a scripture reading;  have a special relative perform a song; or include your parents in some way. If you have someone special, such as a grandparent, who cannot make it to the ceremony, ask them to write a letter and have the officiant read it to you at your ceremony.

6. Keep it Intimate

This tip is most relevant to those who are planning a wedding, but it could be helpful for other events as well. Your special day is for you You shouldn’t have to stand up at the altar in front of everyone you know, scared witless! Yes, your family and friends are there to watch, but they don’t need to hear everything.

7. Include Your Good Boy

We are in love with this increasingly popular idea! Include your best friend in your ceremony; your dog! Your pup can serve as a ring bearer in a wedding, or as an honorary chambelane! Keep in mind, though, this is only appropriate for very well behaved animals.

8. Usher in Confidence

Decide in advance how you would like your guests seated at the ceremony. Create a cheat sheet of where you would like people seated. Your ushers will thank you for the extra reassurance and you will feel better knowing that they won’t forget exactly how you want people to be seated.

9. Make it a Family Affair

Do you have a special family heirloom that you could include in your ceremony? Some people choose to include a bible that has been passed down for generations, or a veil once worn by their grandmother. Your ceremony is the perfect time to use something like this. If you don’t have an heirloom but you want to incorporate this idea, start it now! Get a book that is special to you and ask everyone in your family to sign it. This can be used during a reading in your ceremony and passed down to your children one day.

10. Functional Decor

The decorations at your ceremony can double as a way for your guest to participate! If you are planning to have your guests throw confetti as you leave your ceremony, you can use your pew runners to hold the packets of confetti. If your event is in the summer months, you might consider printing your programs on paper that can be pre-folded into fans.


There are an infinite amount of ways to make your ceremony uniquely special; it’s all up to your imagination and style! Consult with your family and friends about what worked for them and get to work! Hopefully these Quinceanera Ceremony Tips have helped calm your nerves! Happy Planning!

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Hello Viviana! We are happy to know that we have been of great help, that is our goal for all our beautiful quinceañeras. 😀

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