Ideas For Quinceanera Court Proposals

Champagne Quinceanera Court
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Choosing your damas and chambelañes can be a little stressful. Once you’ve made your choices, it’s time for a little fun: court proposals! We’ve seen a rise in “proposals” for big events lately. Many brides are choosing to send a sweet gift to ask their bridesmaids to be part of the wedding, and many teenagers are asking their date to prom via “prom-posal!” While you absolutely don’t have to do anything extravagant, it is a nice gesture to do something a little special when you ask your court to be part of your day. Here are a few ideas we’ve compiled:


  1. Roses- Show your girls how special they are by sending them a box of roses like this one. You can spell out Dama, Damas, or your friend’s name by attaching tags to the roses.
  2. Donuts- let your friends know that you “donut” know what you would do without them! You can get a box of donuts and ask the baker to write a letter on each one in frosting. If you plan to ask everyone on your court this way, you can write “C-O-U-R-T-?” Alternatively, do this just for your chambelañes.
  3. Matching T-Shirts- ask your girlfriends to be part of your big day with these adorable tank tops! This can double as your party gift and your “big ask.”

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  1. Tumblers- Customize these cute and functional tumblers with your damas’ names! You can also fill them with little gifts, such as nail polish, lipstick, and a note asking them to be on your court.
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  1. Suit Up- Let your chambelanes know you’ve chosen them with this manly card, bro! You can customize this card to say “Will you be my chambelañe?” And since it is an automatic download, you can choose to print it somewhere as a sticker and attach it to something, like a special gift!
  2. Puzzled- Keep your court members guessing! You can order these completely customizable puzzles to give to your damas and chambelañes. After they are assembled, your friends can glue them together and keep them!
  3. Pizza Party- Who doesn’t love pizza?? This is a fairly cheap and fun way to ask everyone at once to be part of your court. Invite all your future damas and chambelañes over for a fun evening. You can order pizzas in advance and rearrange the toppings on top to spell out your question! If you have a great relationship with your local pizza place, maybe they will even spell out the question for you.
  4. Locker Decor- Decorate your friends lockers for a very public court-posal! You can go crazy with this and still keep it pretty cheap. Think balloons, streamers, tinsel, and the important question! If you have access, you could put a little treat inside their locker as well.
  5. Instagram Them- We love this idea from Tiaras and Tacones! Ask your friends to be on your court by using this little invite. You can create a story on your Instagram of each one of your friends when you ask them! Alternatively, you could invite them to a group story on Snapchat to share their excitement.

    1. Balloon Surprise– Ask your friends to be part of your big day by using a helium balloon! To do this, you need to write your question on a very small piece of paper. Roll it up and put it in the balloon before filling it with helium. On the balloon, you’ll want to place a little tag that says something like, “Pop Me!” Then, place the balloon in a small box. You might want to make sure the ribbon from the balloon is taped to the the box to make sure it doesn’t fly away when they open the box.
    2. A Heart Felt DIY Card- One of the sweetest way to ask your close friends is to write a heart felt letter or create a fun DIY card box! Your future damas and chambelanes with appreciate the personal message!
    3. Gift Box – This courtposal is so much fun to do! You can easily customize this box by adding each of your potential court members likes, including favorite colors, candies, and other small gifts! Check out our DIY video below for some inspiration!


Gray Court Attire
Credit: @eddypanphoto

While there are a lot of different ideas floating around out there, remember that the point of this is to be fun! If it stresses you out to try to plan something like this, then just keep it simple. Your friends will be thrilled to support you and be part of your big party no matter what!



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