Planning Your Quinceanera Dances with Your Court: Our Top Tips

Have you chosen your damas and chambelanes to accompany you on your big day yet? Your court is usually made up of close friends, cousins and other family members who will dance with you at your quinceanera fiesta. One of the most fun (and exhausting) parts of planning your quince años is the dances. You will have to wrangle all your friends together on a regular basis in order to practice your dances. This can be tricky, so we have a few tips to help keep you sane!


Be Considerate

You’re likely coordinating with quite a few people in order to make these dance practices happen. It can be very frustrating to try to get all your damas and chambelanes in one room on a regular basis in order to practice. However, as much stress as you are under, you need to remember to be considerate. Your friends are doing you a favor by being part of your big day. Talk with your damas and chambelanes to to get a good idea of a practice time that will work for everyone.


Consistency is Key

Set a schedule and stick to it. As it gets closer to your Quince date, you will be practicing more and more. Let your court know ahead of time how many practices you will have, and when they are taking place. If you can schedule your dance practices for the same time on the same day on a regular basis, this will help your court show up consistently. We suggest to start practicing about 2 months out, about twice a week. That way, if someone can’t make a few practices, there is still plenty of time to get it right!


Consider Hiring a Pro 

 Unless you have a parent or padrinos who can help you with planning your dances, you might want to hire a professional. Professional choreographers average around $50 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum. So, this can get pretty pricey. If you think you might need to hire a choreographer, make sure you work it into your budget when you first start planning. You can also add a choreographer as an expense on your Wish List on your Mi Padrino page!


Be Realistic

 More likely than not, your damas and chambelanes don’t have a ton of dancing experience. We definitely want you to have high expectations for your dance, but you need to be realistic! It sounds totally awesome to have two of your chambelanes do handstands at the end of your surprise dance… But that might not be a possibility. Just keep in mind that your dances can be absolutely amazing, without causing anyone to pull a hamstring!


Have Fun

Planning your quince can be a lot of work! You are probably going to experience a lot of stress, so use your dance practices as a time to let loose a little bit. Have fun with your friends as you are practicing! Use your surprise dance as a way to fully represent your personality and your relationship with your friends.


Need some inspiration? We love this one!


Haven’t asked your chambelanes and dramas to be part of your big day yet? Consider asking them with a fun Court-Posal!

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How many months of practice for the dances??

Hey Esme!
We recommend starting your dance practices a month or two out!
Make sure to meet with your court beforehand to schedule out the days that are best for them, that way you don’t have any problems with people not showing up.
Start practicing once a week and as you get closer to your event date, start practicing twice a week!
Let us know if you have any other questions 🙂

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