Your Big Day – An Organizer For All Your Quinceañera Timeline Details


Wow! Things are coming down to the wire and your big day is just around the corner! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We are here to help! One thing that will help you in the days leading up to your Quince is being organized. We have created a Day-Of Quinceanera Organizer which will help you stay on top of all the tasks that need to be done the week of your special day.

The best thing about it is you can download Our Day-Of Organizer right now and it is completely free! Use this checklist to keep track of all your appointments, tasks to be completed, and to plan out your ceremony and reception schedule. You can even make copies to send out to the people helping you out on the day-of! 

Happy planning!

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Excelente, pero seria buenísimo, si los pdf estuvieran también en español.

This is the greatest sight for understanding and giving advice. The amount of list and information is fantastic!!!! I have never had to plan a quinceanera, but it is my first grand daughters quince and you have it easy for us to understand the rituals of this event. I”m having trouble with the part where her shoes are changed and it says that they go from girl to woman. I disagree because a woman has many responsibilities and has already started her life. Where as a teenager of 15 years should be addressed as: Turning into a young lady. They are only 15, still going to school and figuring there way through till high school.

So I would say, ” Young Lady”.
Padrino you have outdone yourself with your information and explanation of what to do in all the pages you offer for help to prepare for this huge event.
GRACIAS, Ada Nilda Torres

Hola Ada!
Thank you so much for the comment! We appreciate the feedback! We hope our planning guides continue to help with planning your grand daughters quince! Let us know if we can help you with anything else!

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