How to Plan Your Quince Reception Décor

You have your dress picked out, venue booked, all the big items laid out for you; now you get to plan the details- the decorations! Planning décor for your reception is no simple task. Many women find themselves at a loss for where to begin with things like centerpieces. Why? Because there is so much out there! Have you seen Pinterest lately? It’s easy to lose yourself in all of these planning details, so we have come up with a process to make the planning a little easier.

Start with Your Theme & Scheme

At this point, you likely have a theme or vision for your big day. The decorations you choose to have at your reception will help you convey that theme to your guests and your color scheme will guide you. Keep in mind that you don’t want your theme to be overbearing; it should be cute and provide a certain charm, but you don’t want your theme to take away from the event itself.

It’s important to remember that the bold colors in your color scheme are often not the one you will see the most of- they will be your accents. For example, take the color scheme below:

If you were to decorate with this color combo, the majority of the flowers in your centerpieces wouldn’t be yellow, they would be white, with pops of yellow. The bold colors should accent the simplicity of the others.

Haven’t chosen a color scheme yet? Check out our Color Combos for Every Season where you’ll find the above combo and many more!


Work Within Your Budget

When you begin to plan out your reception décor, you’ll need to know how much you can afford to spend. Your budget will help you decide what type you can do and help rule out what you can’t afford. If you have a large budget, you might be able to hire a pro to do your centerpieces for you, or even plan out all of your reception decorations.

If you are on the lower end of your budget here, you might consider how much DIY you are willing to put into your centerpieces or other decorations. Something to consider here is that doing it yourself can get pricey and stressful. You can penny pinch by creating some on your own, such as your cake topper or the cute little signs you’ll hang around your reception.

Confer with Your Florist

Before you plan too much of your reception décor, you should know exactly what floral arrangements you’ll be getting from your florist. Many women choose to have their florist create fresh flower centerpieces or table garlands. The more your florist will be doing, the less you have to plan. Depending on what kind of theme your event has, you may or may not want that many fresh flowers. Romantic, classic, and whimsical themes tend to have lots of fresh flowers like roses, while modern and edgy themes are more reserved with their flower use, sticking to unique statement pieces.



When you plan out your reception décor, there are a lot of different things to coordinate. A few things you’ll have on your tables, aside from dinnerware, are place cards, centerpieces, menu cards, and more often than not, candles. You want everything on the table to flow together and have a cohesive look. Keep track of everything with our Complete Décor Checklist and start shopping through our quinceanera decorations and quinceanera centerpieces today.

Before you finalize your choices, set up a mock table at home and make sure everything looks great together. You can also take pictures at this point so that the person who will be setting up your tables will know exactly how you want them.


Get Creative

You know your theme, your color scheme, your budget and how your florist plays into it all. Now is your time to shine! Your reception décor should be the piece that has your guests walking away saying, “That was so her!” Don’t be afraid to express your vision and do something different. Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Work with those who understand your vision and are willing to help to make your dream event come true!


Not sure where to start? Check out our Décor Inspiration to get some ideas!

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