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Expert Tips on How to Find Your Quinceañera DJ

Quinceañera DJ- Windy City Mix Team

When you are planning your quinceañera, it’s likely that you will try to save a little money by cutting some things out of your budget. One thing that people tend to cut, however, ends up causing them a bigger headache- the DJ. We spoke with Rodrigo from Windy City Mix, a professional DJ service in Chicago, to get the low-down on how to have the best quinceañera. DJ Rodrigo has years of experience and was able to offer some advice to anyone planning a quinceañera. 

The Voice of Your Event

      It’s so hard to plan a quince and stay within budget. It’s important, though, to spend money where it really counts. In our opinion, it’s well worth it to shell out a little extra cash to get a DJ. Why? “Many people don’t realize that the DJ does a lot more than play music,” says Rodrigo. Windy City Mix have played tons of quinceañeras and they notice the same thing at each one. “Your DJ is the voice of your party! They announce everything from the names of your court to your dances. Your DJ will be the voice that everyone hears, so you’ll want someone who will sound and act professional.” Without a DJ to do this for you, you’ll have to rely on a friend or family member to make the announcements, which can be tricky and may not sound as good!

If you’re not sure if you can afford a DJ, check out our budget checklist!


Quinceañera DJ- Windy City Mix Projector

Hire an Experienced Quinceañera DJ

Thinking about having a friend with a Spotify playlist be your quinceañera DJ? Think again. A DJ who knows what they’re doing will make all the difference at your big event. “Your quinceañera DJ really tends to function as a coordinator between a lot of your other vendors. They announce when it’s time for the dances, when the cake is being cut, when the speeches are happening- they really keep the event going,” says Rodrigo. “You want someone who can think on the fly in case anything goes wrong or you forget to tell them something.” Hiring a DJ who has plenty of experience will save you some headaches down the road. The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is whether your DJ will remember when to announce your dances! If you’re ready to start interviewing DJs, download our free Band/DJ Questionnaire!

Schedule It

To have an awesome quince, you need to do some boring work first: schedule out your evening. “A lot of people just hire me and tell me to play, without giving me a schedule. That makes it really hard to get things perfect for the quinceañera,” Rodrigo says. “To have a really successful event, we need at least 30 minutes to meet together and figure out a timeline for everything. Nine times out of ten, I find out something at these meetings about the event that helps me do my job better.” It sounds a little intimidatng, however, having a meeting like this with your DJ doesn’t have to be stressful! Plan to meet about two weeks before your party and talk through your plans for the whole event. Discuss how you would like things to go, and your DJ can help you with your vision. Use our free Quinceañera Music Checklist to help get your day organized!

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Get a Trustworthy Team

On your big day, you will have a million different things to worry about and pay attention to! Having some helpful friends by your side will make all the difference. “I see a lot of girls who have to come to the venue on the day of their quince to set up and coordinate with all their vendors.” Rodrigo goes on, “If they had a group of responsible friends that they could delegate this to, then that would make their day a lot easier.” You need time to get your hair done, right? So, be realistic! You won’t be able to do everything- delegate some tasks to your best buds and let them know that they will need to communicate with the DJ about what’s happening.  Use our Day-Of Checklist to figure out what you need to delegate.


You are Unique!

Make sure that you find a DJ that can personalize your event for you. You want to make sure you include the important elements of your culture, and the traditions special to your heritage. By choosing a Latinx DJ, you can ensure they will understand these traditional musical elements, and create a playlist that means a lot to you! It also takes away a lot of the confusion, because you’ll be hiring a DJ that already understands what a ‘baile sorpresa’ is. 

If you are in the Chicago area, make sure you check out Windy City Mix to see if they are available to be your quinceañera DJ! Not in Chicago? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Find local quinceañera DJs and more in our Local Vendors tool, here!


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