How to Shop for Quinceanera Dresses | Expert Shopping Tips

Quinceañera Dress Shopping: Advice from an Expert

When you plan your quinceañera, there are so many different things to choose! Arguably, the most exciting choice you will make for your big day is what dress you will wear. Strapless? Sparkly? Long train? Ruffles? You’ll have to try on all of them in order to make a choice! Spending some time shopping and trying on different gowns with your mom and damas sounds like a lot of fun, but don’t rush off to the store just yet! We sat down with Annette from Ana’s Pro Gowns in Lewisville, TX, to get the scoop on quinceañera dress tips. Here are a few tips from the pros!

Time It Right

Seamstress helping girl in pink quinceañera dress

Many girls want to shop for their dress as soon as they start planning their quince, but according to the expert, you might not want to do that. “You want to shop for your dress at the very least 6 months in advance, but not more than a year,” says Annette. On the flip side, quinceañera dresses take a long time to make, so you will need to make sure you order your dress 6-9 months before your party. Ideally, you would start shopping around 9-12 months prior to your quince. That way, if it takes you a few weeks to find the perfect dress, you still have plenty of time to order it!

Use our Quinceañera Dress Timeline to figure out when you should start shopping!

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Consider Your Accessories

“You want things like your tiara, your shoes, and your last doll to match your quinceañera dress,” Says Annette. “It helps if you keep these items in mind as you shop.” Annette suggests you bring these accessories or items into the store with you. “It helps especially to have your high heels and tiara with you, so you can really get a feel for how the quinceañera dress will look.” If you haven’t purchased your accessories yet, don’t worry! At Ana’s, they offer customized packages for purchase that include your quinceañera dress, tiara and other matching accessories. Not sure where to start with accessories? Check out some of our favorites!


The Fit Matters

“Some girls buy a dress in their size and think that they don’t need to have it altered, but I wouldn’t suggest skipping it,” Annette advises. You will only wear your quinceañera dress once, and you will be heavily photographed, so you definitely don’t want any weird bulges or bumps! It’s worth it to have a seamstress take a look at it and make sure it fits you perfectly. Make sure when you’re shopping, you choose a boutique that can alter your quinceañera dress or suggest a good, professional seamstress to you. “At Ana’s Pro Gowns, we will order the dress for you with any custom modifications that you need. Then, we can alter the dress for you or ship it to your home!” Plan for your dress alterations with our seamstress planning guide.


Have Fun With It

Shopping for your quinceañera dress shouldn’t be stressful! The line between fun and exhausting can have a lot to do with who’s there with you. Annette suggests you bring a few close friends with you, not your whole crew. “I see a lot of girls get into arguments, and sometimes there are even tears. You can probably avoid that if you just bring your mom and a couple of your close friends with you.” It can be hard to hear so many opinions from different people about how you look, so think about that in advance and maybe don’t bring with anyone you argue with a lot, like your bossy tia!

Ana’s Pro Gowns

Buy From Someone Trustworthy

It’s no secret that we love to utilize the internet these days! It seems so much easier to find a dress online than in person — after all, you can click through 100 dresses in a matter of minutes! However, be wary of shady websites that offer dresses for too-good-to-be-true prices — they usually are just that. “If you do want to purchase online, we still suggest that you visit a store and try on a few dresses first to make sure you like the fit.” If you are in the DFW area, be sure to call to check out the awesome quinceañera dresses at Ana’s Pro Gowns today!



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