The Perfect Timeline for Shopping, Buying, Altering, and Fitting Your Quinceanera Dress

The dress is arguably one of the most exciting parts of your planning! People are surprised to hear how early they should start shopping for their quince dresses. However, there are good reasons for starting early! One of the main reasons is if you have a custom-made dress, they can take up to 9 months to be made and shipped. Then after you receive your dress, you’ll still need time to have the alterations made. Follow our timeline below to stay on track!


9-12 Months Prior: Shopping

You’ll want to start shopping for quinceanera dresses asap and order as early as a year in advance. Keep in mind that if you are planning to lose weight in the year leading up to your event, it will affect your dress choice and alterations. Get ready for dress shopping by following our Dress Shopping Made Easy tips!

9 months prior to your event, you should have a dress chosen and put down a deposit of at least 50 percent. Normally, the dress salon will take your measurements and order the dress for you. If you are buying off the rack, you can take the dress home with you that day and begin shopping for a seamstress who can make the alterations you need.

3 Months Prior: Dress Arrives

About 3 months before your event, your dress should arrive at the salon, unless it is shipped directly to you. At this time you can pick up your dress and you will need to pay the remaining balance on it. If your dress salon does alterations, then you can set up your first fitting with them. Otherwise, you’ll want to start shopping around for a seamstress. Look on for seamstresses in your area!


6-8 Weeks Prior: First Fitting

If you need a lot of alterations, consider going in to get your first fitting about 8-9 weeks prior to your event date. From here on out, you’ll want to make sure your weight stays the same. Don’t forget to bring your shoes so your seamstress can get the correct length for your dress.

4 Weeks Prior: Second Fitting

When you go in for your second fitting, bring the accessories that you plan to wear with your dress. This will help you make your final decisions and any changes that you need.


2 Weeks Prior: Third Fitting

This is when your dress should be just about perfect! Bring everything that you will be wearing so you can try out the entire look. If you have a bustle on your dress, you’ll want to bring a few bridesmaids or damas with you so they can learn how to put the bustle up at your reception.


2-3 Days Prior: Pick It Up!

When you pick up your dress from the seamstress, it should be steamed and ready to go. Pay your remaining balance and include a tip for your seamstress’s outstanding work. Hang your dress in a safe place until the big day, and make sure it doesn’t get damaged or crushed while transporting it.


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