Our Top 5 Flower Decoration Tips for Your Quince!

  1. Use In-Season Flowers

We are huge fans of using flowers to decorate for your big day! Nothing looks quite as beautiful as fresh floral arrangements placed throughout your event. We are also aware that fresh flowers can cost a lot. You can save money by choosing flowers that are in-season at the time of your event. Use our Frugal Flower Guide to find out which flowers will be in season for your event.


  1. Find Budget-Friendly Fillers

When you create your gorgeous floral arrangements, you don’t need to break the bank! There are many beautiful bouquet fillers that don’t cost too much. Consider using solidago, waxflower, limonium baby’s breath, daisies, or alstroemeria to fill in those floral arrangements. Fillers are an inexpensive way to make your arrangements or bouquets look larger.


  1. Let Your Venue Set the Tone

Your venue should have a big influence on what decor you choose. You want your flowers and decorations to look like they belong there. A venue that has a lot of color and character will not need as much decor. If your venue has dark carpets and wallpaper, consider simple floral arrangements with few colors; accent the character that already exists. If your venue is outdoors, you don’t need as many arrangements because of how much greenery you will have around you.


  1. Eye Contact Matters

Your guests want to be able to see each other and you! When creating and placing floral arrangements, make sure take into account how big they are. The centerpieces shouldn’t be so high that your guests can’t look across the table at each other. You also don’t want to have huge floral arrangements at the altar that your guests won’t be able to see around.

  1. Reuse Those Blooms

Don’t let those beautiful flowers go to waste! Your bouquets can double as centerpieces- all you need are a few vases! When you arrive at your reception, place your bouquets in the vases along your head table. You can even reuse boutonnieres by placing them in a small bowl as a centerpiece. If you have a garland, you can consider using it at the reception by laying it along or draping it in front of the head table.



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