Coordinating Colors for the Chambelanes at your Quinceanera


Red and Black Quinceanera Court
Credit: Taken by Raven

When choosing colors for your big day, there are unlimited options! Mixing and matching colors in varying shades, like pink and orange, or blue and purple, can really make your party stand out.



Your court should complement you and your style. It’s important to make sure that your dress, and your damas and chambelanes, aren’t clashing colors (like bright red and army green!) It is an exciting feeling when everyone looks great and ready to party.


Typically, their outfits will coordinate with the color of your dress and your color scheme. Rather than matching every article of clothing and accessories, choose tasteful color accents (but you can also do whatever you want, it’s your party!)


A black tuxedo jacket and black pants with a colorful tie and vest look sharp and modern. If you want them to look flashy, consider having them wear a different colored tuxedo than black. Just keep in mind to look for different shades than your dress.


Have your court match accessories or shoes in the same color, this looks pretty and put together. And instead of your Damas wearing the exact same color as you, look for dresses in a different shade to yours.

Color Inspiration

Two-Tone: The Damas dresses match the main dress. Overall, a great looking Quince court!

Pink and Grey Quinceanera Damas
Credit: Taken by Raven

You can see here that the main theme is pink, but not everyone is in the same exact color dress! Damas are a lighter grey, looking good!

Red, White and Black Chambelanes
Credit: Taken by Raven

Accent Color: You can see that everyone here is coordinated with the red, but it’s not overwhelming because of the clean, white accent color used on the chambelanes vest.


Feeling inspired? We’d love to know what colors you are having on your big day!


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