What’s the best look? Bow Ties or Ties?

Choosing a Tie

The age-old classic for any special event is the traditional tie. Wearing a tie leaves plenty of room for experimentation. For example, there are a variety of ways you can knot the tie making it fun! With many variations of patterns, colors, and styles you will have a great time finding what you want for your special event; skinny ties, fat ties, long ties, and more. The historic tie is respectable and presents a professional, classy feel. Functionality and comfort are easy to obtain while wearing a tie over a bow tie.


Choosing a Bow Tie

Where the traditional tie gives off a professional feel, the bow tie gives more of a formal, black-tie quality. With ties, there are variations you can choose from but with bow ties, you have that much more wiggle room to be creative. The variation of patterns, colors, and styles are a bit larger in comparison. People who wear bow ties seem fun and friendlier!

Rules for Wearing a Bow Tie

  1. If you’re going to be rocking the bow tie look, learn how to tie one as soon as possible. You won’t get it right the first time. That’s fine. Just practice until you get a bow you like. An imperfect bow tie is more stylish than a perfect one. Trust us on this one.
  2. Materials: cotton and linen bow ties will be most appropriate at events that are more on a casual side. Meanwhile, silk and wool bow ties are best suited for formal affairs.
  3. The width of your bow tie should not overcome the width of your face and it definitely should not be bigger than the width of your collar.

So the choice is yours. Just know that there isn’t a wrong answer and see what you like best: a tie or a bow tie?

Have fun at your event and if you need some local shops to go and check out tie and bow tie styles, check out our vendor page here! Happy planning!

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