Everything You Need to Know About Quinceanera Gifts

Have you recently been invited to a quinceañera? Yay! Getting invited to a party is so exciting, but often leaves us with some questions! Do I need to bring anything? If so, what kind of gift? What kind of party is this? Is there a registry? When it comes to quinceañera gifts, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! Read on to figure out exactly what’s expected of you. 


Do I Need A Gift?

Yes. While a quinceañera is about more than just a birthday, it is still a birthday party- a really extravagant one! Your friend having her quinceañera is putting a LOT of work into planning this party where there will likely be dancing, huge decorations, favors and tons of food! So, unless her invitation states otherwise, the polite thing to do is to bring a gift.


Quinceanera Registry & Monetary Gifts

Before attending a wedding, you generally look at a registry to make sure you can buy them something they really want and need. If the quinceañera has created her event page through Mi Padrino, she has the option to put a registry on her page as well! Check the quince’s Mi Padrino page to see if she has registered for any gifts. If you don’t see something on her registry that you would like to get for her, you might consider donating to her event as a gift! Quinceañeras have a long tradition of being funded by close family and friends, Mi Padrino just makes that super easy to do! Check out her page to see if you can contribute a monetary gift toward her dress, her bouquet or something else!


Traditional Quinceañera Gifts

Quinceañeras are rooted in tradition so you will see a lot of symbolic quinceañera gifts at the event. When you search the internet for quinceañera gift ideas, you may see things such as a bible, shoes, or something called “the last doll,” This is because during the quinceañera ceremony and reception, her family members will present her with these gifts. As a guest attending the party, you should steer clear of these traditional quinceañera gifts as she will already be receiving them!

Quinceañera Gifts-Visto Events

Another quinceañera gift tradition is the Regalo Sopresa (Surprise Gift). The surprise gift has become super popular in recent years. One of the friends or family members surprises the quinceañera with a big box full of gifts and surprises that often takes a while to open. If you would like to contribute to this gift or help plan it, you should talk to the quinceañera’s parents and come up with a plan together! 


Religious Quinceañera Gifts

A quince has a lot of religious importance to it. So, a religious gift can be a very sweet gesture. If you have a religious book you love, such as a devotional, you could gift this with a note written in the front cover. You might consider giving the quinceañera a piece of jewelry such as a pair of earrings or necklace with a cross on it. A rosary can also be gifted. Since parents often give their quinceañera jewelry on their big day, you might want to double check with them to make sure you don’t give the same gift! Check out the beautiful religious gifts in our shop!


Birthday Gifts for Quinces

Quinceañera Gifts- Visto Events

This is a birthday party after all! If you aren’t super close with the quinceañera, it’s more than okay to give her a gift with a little less sentimental value. If she doesn’t have a registry, just go with your heart (and make sure you get a gift receipt!). Some popular choices:

  • Something personalized- a necklace, bracelet, journal, or something else made personal with the quince’s name! Shop our personalized jewelry here!
  • Gift cards- you can’t go wrong! Amazon, Target or Sephora are all great choices.
  • Makeup- Kylie lip kit, anyone?
  • Clothing or Accessories- if you know the quince’s sense of style, you could shop for a purse, a pair of shoes, a phone case, or something like a cute hoodie!
  • Perfume- a perfect coming-of-age quinceañera gift!
  • Home Decorations- candles, twinkle lights or photo frames can all be great gifts to spruce up her room! Consider giving her something like this photo grid, with a few of photos of the two of you!
  • Check out our comprehensive list of the best quinceañera gifts here!


Non-Traditional Gifts

Maybe you just aren’t really the gift type- that’s okay, too! There are plenty of other ways you can show the quinceañera how much you appreciate her. 

  • Volunteer Your Time- Setting up a quince años party is so much work! Gift the quinceañera a sweet card letting her know that you want to help in any way, from setting up chairs to gluing together centerpieces. Just be there to help! This is an especially good gift if you are part of her court.
  • Plan an Activity- A day at the beach, an amusement park, tickets to a concert, or a manicure are all awesome quinceañera gifts. Get a gift certificate (or make one) and gift it to the quinceañera at her party. An activity gift is a great excuse to hang out again soon in a bit more of a relaxing way!
  • Something Sentimental- If you are strapped for cash, this might be a good route for you! A quince años is all about a girl’s journey into adulthood. So, a sentimental gift highlighting the great times you had together as children would be a perfect quinceañera gift. A photo book, a homemade movie, or a music playlist are all good choices. 


Whatever you choose, try to make it at least a little personal- write a sweet note in the card or include a photo of the two of you together. The birthday princess will be so thankful for your gift and the personal twist you add will help you stick out among all the other guests!

Check out our comprehensive list of the best quinceañera gifts here!


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