A Quinceanera Guide For Damas Dresses

You are planning your Quince Años and you have selected the damas for your court. How exciting!  Now you get to begin shopping for dresses for your damas. There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing dresses for your damas. We have come up with a guide to help you get started.


Something to keep in mind is that you will want your damas dresses ordered about six months prior to your event. This will allow for the time it takes to be made and shipped, as well as how long it will take to have alterations done. If your damas buy their dresses right off the rack at a store, then you won’t need quite as much time, but you want to stick with the same timeline for everyone.


Before you begin shopping, you need to determine how much your damas will be willing to spend on their dresses. You don’t want anyone to go broke for your event, so try to be considerate of what is a reasonable request. The price of the dress you choose can be changed by a few different factors, including the color, style, and store you choose. Whatever you decide, let your damas know well in advance how much you expect them to spend so they can plan ahead for it.

Your Dress

You should have your own Quinceanera dress chosen before you decide on the dress style for your damas. This is because the dresses that your damas wear should complement your own. The color of your dress and any accents you have on it will affect what color you choose for your damas. For example, if your dress is pink with gold details, you can incorporate gold sashes into the dresses for your damas.

When you begin looking for the perfect dresses for your damas, you need to consider a few things: body types of your damas, colors that complement skin tone,  and your own dress. Learn more about planning color coordination for your court here.


The Decision

You can send photos of dress ideas to your damas and even take some of them shopping to try on a few and get a good idea of what you want. Don’t feel like you have to take everyone… As long as you share some ideas with them, your damas will be able to see that you value their opinions. Whatever you decide for your damas, make a final choice and let them know. You’ll want to be able to share with them the exact style, color/shade, and brand/designer with them so that there are no mix-ups.


First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure all your damas go get measured by a professional seamstress to be sure that they order the correct dress size. The dresses will take 2-3 months to come in, so keep that in mind. Set a date for your damas to order their dresses at the same time, so that they come out of the same dye lot.  If several of your damas live out of town, you can handle the ordering process on your own. Collect everyone’s dress measurements and money, then order all the dresses at the same time. This might be a great task to delegate to someone who wants to help!


This is the fun part! You can get pretty creative with your damas accessories. Some quinceaneras choose to let their damas pick their own shoes and jewelry, while others find it as an opportunity to coordinate the color theme a little further. Don’t go crazy though- if it isn’t in your budget to purchase it for yourself, don’t expect your damas to do so either. If you find a specific necklace or other pieces of jewelry that you’d like all your damas to wear, you can consider making it part of their thank you gift for being part of your party.


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Do the damas get there’s hair and makeup done by the makeup artist and hair dresser as?

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