Quinceanera Invitation Etiquette: Your Questions Answered

⋆ Do I need to send Save-the-Dates?

Absolutely not. Save the Dates are actually a relatively new tradition- your parents probably didn’t even have them at their wedding. A save the date is just a way to make sure that all your guests know about your event well before it happens. An easy way to get this information to all of your guests and padrinos is by using your Mi Padrino Event Page as a Save-The-Date!

⋆ How do I incorporate our website information?

Your event website should be included on your save the date. If you are not sending save the dates and you want to include your website with your invitation, you can consider putting it on the back of the invite, by itself. Or, consider ordering small inserts with your website on them to send with your invitation. The important thing to remember is that you don’t want your invite to go from elegant to tacky because of the website URL.

⋆ Where do I specify the dress code?

Your invitation style should clue your guests in as to what kind of event this will be. Proper wording and elegant style will give a more formal event feel, whereas bright colors and fun fonts will make it seem more casual. Make sure that whatever style you choose really reflects the kind of event you are having. A common place to include the dress code in the lower right-hand corner of the invite. You can simply state, “black tie,” “casual attire,” etc. If you don’t feel comfortable stating it on your invite, you can direct your guests to your Mi Padrino page, where they can find out more about the dress code.

⋆ Is it rude to include registry information?

Traditionally, registry information was never included on an invitation and was only spread by word of mouth. However, times are changing! While you don’t want to come across as greedy, your guests most likely do want to know where they can buy you a gift or contribute to your event as a padrino. The easiest way to include your registry information is to put it on your Mi Padrino event page. If you absolutely want to send it with your invites, don’t put it on the invitation, include it on a separate card.

⋆ Do I need to include an RSVP card?

As you know, an RSVP is typically not a thing you see at a true Latino fiesta… but come on, a girl has to be sure there are enough mole para todos right? The world is certainly changing and more people are opting to use their event websites for RSVPs en lieu of sending out an RSVP card. You are bound to have some older relatives who will not understand how to use the RSVP function online. If you want to keep that as an option, you can do both- send an RSVP card as well as letting your guests know that they can RSVP online. Statistically, you will get more RSVPs if you send out cards and envelopes to your guests. Make sure to also include a phone number or email so that your guests can respond that way if need be.

⋆ How do I correctly word the invitations?

This question is a classic. There are several different ways to write names on your invites, as well as many different rumors floating around as to how it should or shouldn’t be done. Use Mi Padrino’s Guide to Invitation Wording  to choose the style that best fits your event.


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