Quinceanera Invitations 101: Important Things To Know

  1. Choose the Right Style

Your invites are important because they will set a precedent for your quinceañera long before the actual date. You’ll want your invitations to reflect the style and theme that you are planning for the quince because the invite is the only glimpse into your big day that your guests will get. You might choose to incorporate the colors you have chosen for your quinceañera or a pattern that reflects your theme. If you are sending out save the dates, it is common to use the same company so that your save the dates and invitations can match.


  1. Mind Your Timeline

You will want to order your invitations at least 5 months before the big day. If you are hand-lettering the envelopes, you’ll want to pick them up as soon as possible to allow for the time it will take to address each one. You’ll want your invitations received at least 6 weeks prior to the quince años, and you’ll need to account for delivery time, so try to send them out 8 weeks before the quinceañera date. Even though you may have many families who do not RSVP, the date for this should be no later than 3 weeks prior to the big day, that way you’ll be able to get your final headcount into your vendors and get started on your checklist.


  1. Numbers Can Be Tricky

The number of guests you are inviting to your quinceañera is not the same number of invitations you will need. You should send one invitation per household invited. So, all the couples and families you invite should have one invitation each. However, If you are inviting a couple whose children are grown and no longer living at home, then you need one invitation for the couple and a separate invitation for each of the children at their respective addresses.


  1. Don’t Forget to Say Thanks!

You can order your thank you notes as early as you want. However, if you plan to use one of the photos from your quinceañera on your thank you note, then you will need to wait until you get them back from your photographer. If this is the case, consider letting the photographer know in advance, that way he or she may be able to send you a few photos early that you can use. You have 3 months after the quinceañera to send out your thank you notes.


    1. Proofread Like Your Life Depends on It

Proofreading is possibly the most important and overlooked part of invitation planning. We know someone who ordered all of her invitations with the word “marriage” spelled wrong! Another common mistake is to write the wrong date on the correct day of the week or to leave out an important piece of information. Send a copy to your mother, your grandmother, your best friend; to anyone whose grammatical judgment you trust. Then, use our Invitation Checklist to make sure you have included everything necessary. You won’t regret spending a little extra time proofreading before you spend your money!


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Special touches: Many quinceaneras include a photo of the quinceanera with the invite. If you want to do this, you can make sure this separate photo shoot is included in the event photographers fee. Money-saver:  if it is not included or it is too pricey, you could do a photo shoot with a friend or family member taking the pics. You can then edit your favorite photo with a photo editing service, such as Pic Monkey .  I have found this editor to be not only awesome, but easy to use and free.

Can u send me a princess carriage invitation

Hi Ana!

We don’t carry any princess carriage invitations but if you let us know exactly what you’re looking for we can help by trying to find something similar!

Do you have any travel theme invitations/save the dates? My daughter loves to travel and wants that to be her theme. Please help! Thanks!

Hi Luz! Thanks for reaching out! Here are some invitations we have that are boarding pass themed, we think they are super cool! Let me know if you are looking for something else and we can try to help you out! We can also custom order inserts for the invitations, you could design something you like to insert into any of the laser cut invitations we offer. Let us know how else we can help you!


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