Step-By-Step Checklist for Planning Your Quinceanera

Planning a big event is A LOT of work. When you want to start your Quinceañera planning, it’s difficult to even know where to begin! From venues to dresses, to menus, to photos- there is so much to consider! We have outlined a basic Quinceañera checklist to help you understand what to expect and where to begin without losing your mind!


  • Determine Your Budget

First things first: decide on a budget. Before you can start booking venues or buying decorations, you have to know how much you plan to spend. You’ll get yourself into dangerous territory if you start booking vendors before you’re sure how much you can spend. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back- learn How To Create Your Budget with us!

  • Choose a Date

Picking your date is important because it will help you when you start shopping for vendors. The date 

you choose will rule out certain types of venues (i.e. a venue In Houston without air conditioning for a July date). The date will also let prospective vendors know if they will be available for your event or not.

Quinceañera Planning
Credit: PatriciaCarrozzini
  • Envision Your Day

This one is something you’ve most likely already started to do, and it will be ongoing for you as you plan. When you dream about your big day, what do you picture? These thoughts will help you along your planning path. Start saving pins, cutting out magazine photos and compiling all of your ideas.

  • Ask Your Friends

Determining your court of honor or bridal party should happen relatively early on, as you might include some of these friends in your planning. Not sure how to ask your friends to be on your court? Check out our Quince Court-Posals for a few fun ideas!

  • Ask for Padrinos

If you plan on asking padrinos to help with your event, make sure you have an idea of who will be in charge of what! We recommend thinking of this early on, that way you’re not rushing to ask last minute. Check out our Padrino List that we created to help you organize your padrinos in one place! Also, check out our article on How to Ask for Padrinos!


Your venue is the location where you will have your event. You’ll be booking one or two of these, depending on where you have your ceremony. Your vendors are the people you will hire to work your events, such as your caterer, photographer, DJ, and florist. You’ll want to interview a few of each so you can make a well-informed decision.

Don’t get it twisted- just because this is later in the list doesn’t mean you won’t be doing it early! You will want to start looking at venues as early as a year to nine months before your event to ensure you get the venue of your dreams. Once you’ve decided on a venue or vendor, you will agree on a price and sign a contract. When you are ready to start shopping, we are here to help! Read Questions to Ask at Your Ceremony Venue Tour to help prepare yourself for your venue tours.

quinceanera court photography

  • Go Dress Shopping

Shopping for the dress should happen around 9 months prior to your event. This allows plenty of time for shipping and alterations. To understand more about the timing of dress shopping, read Your Dress Timeline.

  • Buy Invitations

You should start shopping for invitations at least 6 months in advance because you will want to order them 5 months before your event date. You should have a good idea of your event theme and color scheme at this point so you can choose your invitation style. It’s also important that you have your venue booked before you order invites so you can include those pertinent details! Ready to start looking at invitations? Check out our beautiful, unique designs here! 

  • Plan the Details

The nitty-gritty details come after all the other things have fallen into place; although, it’s likely that you’ll be planning these here and there all along. These details are things like deciding on your centerpieces and aisle runners, creating your seat chart, and nailing down your day-of timeline. Use Our Day-Of Organizer to keep track of all those details.

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