Quinceanera Poses: An Expert’s Tips For Your Quince Photos

You want your pictures to be amazing at your pre-quince photoshoot; however, many people don’t understand that a lot of thought needs to go into how you pose your body to get those awesome photos! Here are some posing and modeling tips to make your quinceañera photos go from “blah” to “voila!”

Quinceañera Poses:

There are tons of different quinceañera posing tips to make your quince photos better. Don’t just trust us, though! We sat down with Claudia from Taken By Raven to really delve into what makes quince photos perfect, including what quinceanera poses are popular, tips on positioning your body, and more! She’s one of our favorite photographers in the South Plainfield, NJ area, so be sure to check her out! Her years of experience give her AMAZING insight into your big day! Here are Claudia’s top quinceanera posing tips:

Your Body Language:

Move Your Arms:

Make sure that when you are posing, your arms are away from your mid-section. Leave an area between your arms and body to show that there is a separation there. This can help you look slimmer in a picture.

Make A “Turtle Head”:

For quince photos that will be taken from the front, move your head straight out like a turtle, away from your neck, to make your neck look slimmer. This will look weird from any angle other than a picture taken straight on, so don’t do this turtle move unless the photo is taken from the front.

Taken By Raven Pink Quinceanera Dress Closeup

Manipulate The Angle:

Have your photographer take your quinceañera photos from a higher angle. When you are looking upwards instead of downwards, it gives a slimming illusion as well. You want to avoid taking pictures from an angle below you, since gravity is a double-chin’s enemy.

Your Personality & Attitude:

A lot of what makes your quince photos look amazing is how you actually feel while taking the photos. So, if you are naturally comfortable and happy, your pictures will turn out way better. For this to work, you should be able to be friends with your photographer… When you go to hire, research their work and see how their personalities mesh with yours. Make sure you like their style and their photos, but it’s super important that you get along with them too. See what they are all about – you want to make sure you like them, since they will be around you for a long time leading up to your quince, and on the day-of.

Your Style:

Photographers want to do their best to try to match your theme and style. So, be sure to show them what you like and dislike, and they can change to fit what you are looking for! There are certain photographers that specialize in certain styles, like vintage or black and white, but many of them will tweak their styles to fit your needs.


Quinceañera Posing

Here are some of Claudia’s favorite quinceanera poses. Take note of which ones you might want to do and then share them with your photographer! If you still need a photographer, check out our favorite photographers in your area!

Group Quinceanera Poses:

  • Line up the chambelanes on one side, damas on another side, and the quince in the middle.
  • Guys and girls can pair with their dance partners, while the Quince queen and chambelan stand in the middle.
    • From this pose you could move the couples up and down, left or right, or have some of them standing, some sitting, some kneeling.
    • The group can look at the camera for a shot and then look away.
    • By posing your court in different heights and levels you create a more dynamic, dramatic photo.
  • Have the court all talk to each other, tell a joke, and fake laugh… this usually leads to real laughter which makes great photos.
  • Have the girls get close together, looking at the camera, and then start talking and laughing. Next, have the guys join in and go crazy behind them.
  • If there are stairs where you are getting your quince photos, line up the whole court on the stairs.
  • If there is a gazebo with steps around you, line up everyone on one side. Have the girls standing on the top part of the gazebo, and the guys sitting in front.
  • Pose the Chambelan holding the quinceañera’s hand high on one side, and the rest of the guys on the other side.
  • Pose with the chambelanes carrying the quinceañera.
  • Pose with both the guys and girls carrying the quinceanera.
  • Line everybody up and jump (make sure you leave enough space in between each other).
    • For another twist on this pose, the girls instead of lining up, can duck and act surprised while the chambelanes jump behind them.
  • You can pose each court member with the quince queen and also take a picture of each couple.
    • Do a conservative (smile for the parents) photo, and then do something funny together.
  • Don’t forget to get those best friend pictures.
  • Pose the quince queen standing alone, and her girls running in to hug her.
  • Pose the quince queen in front, and guys a bit behind and to the side “checking her out”.  
  • Pose with the guys behind the quince queen, putting the focus on her with the chambelanes a bit blurry in the background.
    • Do the same with the girls and then with the whole group.

Individual Quince Poses:

  • “Smile for the parents” pose: This is usually the first picture, with the quinceañera alone in a normal standing pose.
  • Stand a bit sideways and bend the knee of the leg closer to the camera. Then put one hand on your waist and the other one down by your side, but make sure the photographer can see it and it’s not hidden in all the fabric.
  • Look out straight, pointing your chin up and forward a bit with a natural smile, you can also look away to the left and right (to see which angle you like best).
  • Turn your body away from the camera and turn your upper body towards the camera, holding your dress up a bit while doing so. Your chin should be slightly up and the shoulder you are using to turn should be higher than the opposite shoulder.
  • Grab the dress and slightly move your hips side to side. Make sure you put one foot in front of the other and bend the knee.
  • Turn and twirl and blow a kiss.
  • Walk away from and then back towards the camera, make sure you look to the left and right, and up and down. You want to pretty much look in all directions- this will give the photographer more flexibility!
  • Lay down on the dress or sit up and lift the dress behind you.
  • Lean over on a tree and look away.
  • Run away from camera and then quickly look back- this gives movement to the hair and the dress, and it adds a bit of drama in the photo.
  • Stand sideways while holding your bouquet and look up.
    • You can also look back while in this position for another photo.
  • Hobby Poses: Make sure to bring items to represent your hobbies.
    • For example if the quince queen plays soccer, maybe she can wear her long socks and cleats with the dress for a pic. She can sit and cross her legs revealing the cleats.
  • If you have an interesting wall or tree you can always stand next to it, or lean on it.
  • You can look for nice windows you can sit on, or big interesting doors or sculptures to stand next to.
  • Jumping always makes for a good picture.
  • Close ups of the face are nice to have as well.
    • If you are going to use your hands, make sure you place them very delicately on your face, do not squish your face.

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Bonus Quince Photo Tips From Claudia!

  • Make sure your hands are always visible; your dress is big and it will block your hands sometimes, just be mindful of it- you don’t want to look like you’re missing an arm!
  • Do not slouch; we all do it, but try not to for your quince photos. Remember you are a queen, and queens have great posture! You always want to elongate your body, even standing on your tippy-toes for some photos will help. Bring the knee that is facing the camera forward, this helps too.
  • If it is a sunny day and the sun is blinding you, close your eyes until your photographer is ready to take the picture, this will help your eyes A LOT! (The sun is evil and will make you tear up… and we can’t have tears with makeup on!)
  • Make sure your personality shines through, no fake smiles allowed!
  • Make sure you hydrate, and you eat at least a snack. You might be nervous and not want to eat, but we don’t want you to faint! Hydration is very important for your skin.
  • Always remember you are beautiful, the Belle of the ball, the one and only Quince Queen. Enjoy your day!

Check out our full interview with Claudia from Taken by Raven here:




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