What to Include in Your Quinceañera Program

You’re finally done planning your amazing quince party! You have everything booked and ready to go. (If not, check out our ultimate quinceanera planning book!) But you’re forgetting one last thing… how the big day itself is actually going to go down!

Creating the perfect quinceañera program with be a huge help when it comes down to your big day! You and your guests will definitely appreciate having the timeline of events spelled out at your fingertips and any special touches that you decide to add! Learn all the benefits, get tips on the best quinceanera program wording, and even check out some free templates below!

Benefits of an Awesome Quince Program

Making a program might seem like extra work, but there are tons of benefits that it can provide for your entire quinceañera experience:

  • Recognize the people who will be a part of your big day – your parents, padrinos de honor, the court, etc.
  • Get a chance to write a personal, heartfelt note thanking all the other guests that attend.
  • Let everyone know what to expect at your quinceañera.
  • Have a forever keepsake to remember your special day.
  • Help you and your parents remember everything you have to do on your big day.
  • Add a memorial message – a small way to honor any of your loved ones who are there with you in spirit.

Not only does a quinceañera program allow for all this to happen, but it also allows for everyone else to know what to look forward to throughout the day. (The father daughter dance is always our favorite!) You can include anything you want, but we want to make sure you get all the essentials!

Key Things to Include in Your Quinceañera Program Wording

The wording of your quince program is going to depend entirely on what type of elements you incorporate into the day as a whole. Many quinceañeras decide to incorporate a lot of the traditional elements into their celebration, like church ceremonies with readings and gifts, so it can be good to spell out the order of those in your programs!

Here are the essential elements you should include in your quinceañera program wording:

  • Name, Date, & Location ***Put this at the top or on the cover if you go with the traditional fold style!
  • Parents
  • Padrinos de Honor
  • Court of Honor
    • Chambelan de Honor
    • Chambelanes
    • Damas
  • The Order of Events ***You can either outline the events for the whole day or just show the order for your ceremony!
    • Mass: 3:00pm
    • Reception: 5:00pm
    • Dinner: 6:00pm
    • Toast: 7:30pm
    • Last Doll: 7:45pm
    • Dances: 8:00pm
    • Surprise Gift: 9:00pm
    • Surprise (HORA LOCA): 9:15pm

You’ll obviously follow whatever timeline works for you, but it’s always helpful to let your guests know what to expect so they can know when it’s time to turn up!

Extra Elements to Include in Your Quince Program

Here are some elements you can include on the back of your program for some extra special additions!

  • Thank You’s
  • Ceremony Time of Events
  • Memorial Notes
  • Music Mentions
    • Mention the DJ, Banda, etc
  • Religious Quotes/Prayers
  • Quotes or Lyrics

The above is a perfect example of how to include the order of events for the ceremony for your quinceañera program, as opposed to the whole order of events for the big day.

Free Quinceanera Program Template

Quinceañera Program




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