6 Ways to Save Money on Your Quince Dress

We want you to look absolutely stunning on your big day, we also don’t want you to break the bank in order to do this! We have compiled some of the savviest tips for how to save money on your dress. Follow along to start pinching those pennies!

how to save money on your quince dress
Credit: @Patricia Carrozzini // New Jersey
  1. Timing

Quinceanera expos can often be a place to get a great deal on a dress. These happen throughout the year all around the US. Shopping at the right time can really save you some money. The off seasons for buying wedding dresses are summer and winter. You can find some huge deals going on at dress boutiques who are clearing out their inventory to make room for the next season’s designs. This can also apply to boutiques with both bridal and quinceanera dresses.

  1. Nearly Perfect

Save money at the dress shop by looking for the dress that is is almost perfect. This is the dress that is the right style, right color, but it might have a slight imperfection. Stores will discount these dresses because they have something wrong with them, like a rip or beading that is falling off, but it likely won’t cost you very much to get them fixed. A nearly perfect dress might be a floor model as well! Shops will often discount the dresses that they have on display and you might be in luck if they have one close to your size!

Save money on Quinceañera Dress
Credit: Taken by Raven // New Jersey
  1. Simplify

The more simple the dress, the less it tends to cost. You can save by going with a dress with less beading, lace, and sequins. If you are set on a certain type of embellishment, it’s possible to have it added on by your seamstress. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it won’t cost more than what you’re saving by going with a more simple dress.

  1. Avoid Alterations

It’s likely that you will need alterations on your dress, but you can avoid spending too much money if you only need simple alterations. This means when you are shopping, look for dresses that you wouldn’t want to change. It will cost you more if you choose a dress with something you don’t like, thinking you will just have it changed later. For example, if you choose a dress with a straight neckline but want it changed to a sweetheart, it can cost upwards of $100, depending on the fabric.

Another way to save money on alterations is to buy a dress with a corset back. Buying a dress with a lace-up back is both beautiful and cost-effective, as it will save you from needing to have the dress taken in or let out.


  1. Recycle

    Save money on your quince gown
    Credit: Ana’s Pro Gowns // Lewisville, TX

If you or someone you know is savvy with a sewing machine, you can save a ton of money by reusing an older dress. Simply find an old prom, wedding, or quinceanera dress at a resale store or even in a family member’s closet! Get to work with your sewing machine, adding the beading, sequins, or lace that you desire. There are also a lot blogs and videos online that can teach you how to dye a dress yourself.


  1. Rent

    Money saving tips for quince dress
    Credit: @cristiangphotography (IG)

Many women are opting to rent their formal dresses these days. This is a very cost-effective strategy because it saves you from spending hundreds of dollars on a dress you’re likely to only wear once. There are several companies that will allow you to rent dresses from them, such as Rent the Runway, and Lending Luxury, which have more prom-style dresses, and Eric Dress, which has tons of Quinceanera dresses available for rent.

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