3 Money Saving Pro-Tips for Your Event

Saving money is always the best, and it’s even better when you can save things on major items for your event! What if I told you that you could save a ton of money on your dress, cake, and drinks? Sounds impossible, right? However, it is totally possible! There are many money-saving ways that will allow you to have an awesome event and provide equally awesome savings! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to share with you, so we hope you enjoy!


Special dresses for any event!

Buying a dress or suits for your event can easily become a huge expense. With dresses getting more and more expensive, and suits being expensive to buy in the first place, it is easy to see why any person would want to save in this category.

If you are buying a dress, an option you can do is to get measured by a professional seamstress or tailor, and then keep those measurements on hand. Look for gently used or unused dresses on local buy-sell-trade sites in which you have similar measurements. Another good option is to look at preowned dress websites, such as oncewed.com, stillwhite.com, preownedweddingdresses.com, and preloved.com. All these sites are very popular to find dresses on a budget for any size.

If you are looking for men’s suits, renting them would probably be the easiest option. However, an alternative is that if the men needing the suits all have one in a similar color they could use it instead! If it is a more casual wedding, finding matching bottoms and then keeping a good eye out for matching dress shirts could be a good deal too.  


Delicious and beautifully decorated cakes are also some of the most expensive cakes. Specialty cakes that have complex flavors and finishes can run up into the thousands of dollars just to treat a few hundred guests. If you are a simpler gal and don’t care for all that, you could order a decorated cake for you (and if you’re getting married, your future-husband) to cut for the pictures.

To feed the rest of your guests, you have a few options. Oftentimes, cupcakes will be cheaper than an entire cake. One recommendation we have is to purchase them in bulk, at a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club, where you can get them done for insanely cheap, and are delicious too! Another option is to consider getting several sheet cakes at a warehouse store. This will also be super cheap, maybe a bit more so than the cupcakes, and will allow you to save some money.

If you’re worried about how this will look to your guests, don’t! Even if you were to order a large ornate cake, they would take it to the back, cut it, and then serve it to your guests. Most guests won’t notice it’s not the same cake.


drinks at event

If you want to have alcoholic drinks, and are thinking about an open bar, reconsider it! The tab can run up quickly if your guests really love to have a few drinks. If your venue lets you, one way to go around this is to buy and provide the drinks instead of getting them through the venue. However, this might have extra obstacles, such as getting liquor licenses, permits and such in place.

Another option is to buy a set amount of drinks per person from the venue, and have them served individually by glass at the table. That way, you can avoid spending too much money and not have any unruly guests. Win-win right?

Hopefully we provided a good way to save money on your event! Become friends with Sam’s Club and Costco, cut some corners carefully from things we can guarantee your guests won’t notice, and like Kanye says, “watch that money pile up”!


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