Seasonal Quinceanera Color Combos

The season in which you plan to have your event can drastically change how your day will look. One of the reasons that we find different colors appealing in certain seasons has to do with the weather. We find dark, striking colors like cranberry and sapphire particularly beautiful against the snow in wintertime. Another reason is that the availability of certain types of greenery and flowers changes throughout the year. Even though it may be July while you are planning your party or reception, the seasonal colors of winter will truly pop at your event in January! Try to envision your big day and what colors will be perfect at the time of the event.

When choosing a palette, you need to first decide on the main color. Then, you can decide what accent colors to add. We have included two accent colors in our palettes. Some people choose to use three accent colors, or two accents and a metallic, such as gold, silver, copper or rose gold.


The Royal Palette

The main color for this palette is one of the most popular colors lately: cranberry. Variations of this red color have been headlining weddings and quinceaneras for the past few years. However, the secondary colors truly make or break this one; forest green and gold.

The Blushing Bride Palette

You don’t have to be a bride to love these colors! The main color for this palette is cranberry. However, this could easily be altered to another off-red hue, such as burgundy or merlot and it would look equally beautiful. The Blushing Bride palette is accented by blush pink (of course) and navy blue.

The Harvest Palette

The main color for this palette is plum. The color plum is perfect for autumn and there are many colors to pair it with. We love this bold combination because it truly compliments the colors of a harvest. The accent colors for this palette are orange and forest green. Using lighter or darker accent colors will change the look of this palette. You can also try adding splashes of merlot and brown to complete the look.

The Daydream Palette

While it seems very subtle, champagne can be the perfect primary color for your autumn event. Champagne is a gorgeously understated color and looks beautiful against the colorful fall trees. When paired with coral and blush pink, it will have you daydreaming about your perfect day.



The Wonderland Palette

Our main color here is white, accented by ice blue and charcoal. These gorgeous winter colors will have your guests walking in a winter wonderland! The charcoal color could be easily substituted with black, making that ice blue pop even more.

The Graceful Palette

The main color for this palette is a light gray, with blush and slate gray as our accents. These colors are absolutely gorgeous when paired with snow and garlands of pine or sage greenery. Play with the shade of that blush pink to find the perfect combo for your day.

The Oz Palette

The main color here is emerald with a ruby red accent and a touch of gold. We are dreaming in technicolor! This palette will have you swooning over red ruby slippers and emerald greenery arrangements.

The Berry Lovely Palette

We love all the variations that can be made with the berry hues! The main color in this palette is a dusty raspberry, accented with a dark plum and frosted tulip pink. However, the colors in this palette can be interchanged for a similar look. Try using the dark plum as your main color for a darker, more formal event look, or swap one of the berry hues for a cream white. These colors also look great for an autumn event.



The Garden Party Palette

Lavender is the main color in this palette and we absolutely love how romantic it is! Pastels are essential for a spring event. Accent the lavender with plum and sage green for a beautiful garden party feel.

The Lively Palette

This palette is made up of the base color mint and the accent colors canary yellow and turquoise. This cheerful palette will certainly liven up your event, rain or shine!

The Rosy Palette

Feeling pink? The main color in this palette is blush pink and the accents are dusty rose and frosted tulip pink. This color palette is perfect for a spring event! Picture the colors paired with lots of greenery and white roses for a complete look.

The Peachy Keen Palette

The main gray color in this palette is gorgeously complemented by periwinkle blue and peach pink. Envision gray suits, peach roses, and splashes of periwinkle flowers…swoon!



The Ocean Palette

Summertime brings about beach thoughts…sunshine, ocean waves, and sand. We love this coral pink as the main color in this palette, accented by two shades of blue: aqua and light blue. Coral is a great color for summertime. So if you aren’t feeling blue hues, try pairing the coral with gray and white instead!

The Clean Palette

The main color in this palette is navy. It is accented with kelly green and white. We love how clean and crisp these colors look together. Envision navy dresses, kelly green garlands, and white hydrangeas; what’s not to love? Substitute the white with a creamy white color to give your event a different feel.

The Romantic Palette

The main color here is a dusty turquoise, accented by blush pink and black. This palette has a classic, romantic look to it, while the turquoise gives it a fun summer twist. The contrast of the black against the blush pink will truly pop in the summer months.

The Sunshine Palette

Hello, sunshine! This bright yellow is absolutely gorgeous when paired with the simple gray and white accents. Be careful, though! Not everyone looks great in yellow. If you really love these colors, try dressing your party members in gray and using the yellow for flowers and backdrops.


All Year Long

The Simple Palette

We have to admit, we love the simple palette. While it may seem boring, you will absolutely swoon when you see events that are decorated entirely in white, champagne and sage green. This clean, classic palette lends a romantic and sophisticated look to your event.

The Timeless Palette

For generations, families have planned events using the colors black and white as their foundation. You will never regret the classic color palette of white accented by black and another color. A popular combination that looks timeless in all seasons is black, white, and blush. Spice up your palette with a splash of a bolder color, such as red, or send a statement with a metallic, such as rose gold or silver.

The Classy Lady Palette

Champagne, mint, and blush coral pink. These colors seem to compliment at all times of the year! Using mint as one of your accent colors can also lend itself to some beautifully unique floral arrangements.

The Versatile Palette

The main color in this palette is gray, accented by navy and blush. However, this palette can be equally beautiful by using navy as the main color and the gray as an accent. Suits can be found in either color and look good on almost everyone! Play with different shades to find which gray best suits your event.



Did you find a color palette that you love? Remember, these color combinations are popular suggestions, but it ultimately matters what you want for your big day. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your event truly yours!

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Quinceañera dress is between rosa pastel and coral pink. The damas dress is white. what other color goes perfect with these for the whole family? the party is in june

Hi Janet!
Those colors sound beautiful!
We love the look of coral/pastel pink, white, and light blue (think Tiffany Blue or similar) together! We also love the coral/pink, plus white, and a grey accent color. Let us know if you don’t like these options and we can come up with some additional options for you! 🙂 Be sure to create your free event page to share with friends and family at!

My them is princess and my colors are teal and black

My daughter wants a rose/gold butterfly theme for her June Sweet 16, any ideas for the decorations? Ultimately waiting for the dress to be picked to see the main colors

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