Quinceanera Shoes: What You Need To Know

Are you stressed out from planning your quince, dealing with school, your social life, your crush, etc? Take a well-deserved break with us, and research what Quinceanera shoes you should get for your quince fiesta! Quinceanera shoes should be your style — but have some fun with them! You can wear heels, flats, wedges, simple, sparkling — anything your heart desires! If your quince has a theme, you can even coordinate the colors in your shoes and dress to your theme, rounding it out. Grab a snack, some planning power & let’s dig in!

Heels, Wedges, Flats, Oh My!

We all like dressing up and looking glamorous, and the perfect pair of high heels can complete the outfit. However cute and stylish they are, your feet will also most likely feel like they’ve run a marathon by the end of the night. You will be dancing, walking, standing – so unless you bring a pair of comfier shoes to change into make sure you are used to wearing high heels for long periods of time so you don’t risk spending your special night in pain!

Winter Wonderland Quinceañera ShoesWedges are good middle ground, they give you a little lift, are comfier to wear for extended periods of time, and they are cutttteeee! There is no one size fits all rule to which shoes you pick, so make sure you are comfortable with the style and feel of your shoes. Wedges, although easier to wear than high heels can still be uncomfortable, depending on the height of the wedge. If you are torn between a few choices, ask your self this: do your shoes overwhelm you or your outfit? If they do, it’s simple. Set them aside for now. You will have tons of pictures to commemorate this night, and you want to be sure you’re happy with your whole outfit!

Flats are a popular option too, they are reliable, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. Additionally, you can wear them after your quince! If you buy your shoes before you get your dress, you should bring them with you to any alterations you go to, making sure to have your dress fit perfectly. Need more tips on dresses? We’re here to help! Flats can be a practical option for the whole night, or a back-up pair to change into when your feet start to hurt.

Changing Of The Shoes Ceremony

Speaking of changing shoes, a quince traditionally has a changing of the shoes ceremony, where the girl spends the first part of her night in flats, but then changes into the heels right before the traditional quince waltz. This is symbolic of the journey into womanhood. If you would like to have a changing of the shoes ceremony, a guideline is below.

  1. Set up a chair in the center of the dance floor. To make it extra special, have the chair already decorated. Attach balloons, a plaque with the quinceanera’s name, tulle, bows, or anything you can think of to make the chair look pretty.
  2. The DJ/Banda will request that the quinceanera and her father come to the dance floor for the changing of the shoes ceremony. All attention is now focused on you and your dad. If your dad is not able to take part in this ceremony–don’t worry! Just ask someone special to you, such as your mother, brother, tio, tia, or grandparents.
  3. The quinceanera will then sit down. Her dad or another person of honor will change her shoes from flats to heels. This symbolizes a change from a girl to a young woman.
  4. When your shoes are changed, hug the person who changed them. You are now ready to dance your waltz in your heels!
  5. An alternative to flats–decorate a pair of all-white converse or any brand of tennis shoe that you prefer. Remove the laces and substitute ribbons. Add rhinestones or other decorative elements, like sequins or crystals.

At the end of the day, your shoes should complement your style, and be something that you are comfortable in. Have more questions? Check out our Instagram and Pinterest, and shoot us a DM! Happy planning!


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