The Quinceañera Surprise Dance: Our Top 5 Videos

quinceañera surprise dance
CREDIT: @jerssonlunaphotography

We know how hard it is to come up with new ways to entertain your guests with your quinceanera surprise dance. Here at Mi Padrino, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Below you will find a list of videos and tips for the best quinceañera surprise dance. Check them out to get some inspiration for your baile sorpresa!

Reggaeton/ Hip Hop Quinceanera Surprise Dance

The surprise dance is usually done right after the Quinceañera waltz, and is a great way for you to show off your best dance moves. Many girls change their outfit to fit with the style of music that they are dancing. If you do plan on changing your outfit, make sure that it is comfortable and that you will be able to perform all your practiced dance moves with it on.

Norteña/ Zapateado/ Cumbia Quinceanera Surprise Dance

A good idea is to hire a choreographer if your budget allows it. By hiring a choreographer you are ensured to have a perfect dance routine the day of your event. If hiring a choreographer is not in your budget, ask your friends who already have had their Quinceañeras for tips and tricks.

Daddy and Daughter Dance/ Surprise Quinceanera Dance

A really cool idea is switching out the traditional daddy-daughter dance for a combination surprise dance, making it fun and unforgettable by incorporating a trendy dance routine to it. This is very unique and we are all for it!

Quince Surprise Dance With Uncles!

If life gives you a bunch of uncles, use them for your quince surprise dance! You could do this with anyone at your quinceanera, it’s a great way to include people that couldn’t necessarily be in your court.

Surprise Dance REMIX

If you can’t decide on one song for your quinceañera surprise dance, don’t sweat it! Just make a mashup of a few of your favorite songs and dance to all of them in one performance! We recommend using someone professional to mix your songs, so that nothing bad happens at the baile!

Before you start planning your dance, take a look at this article for our best tips when planning your quinceanera dances with your court. Check out our article full of traditional Mexican dance videos and tips.

Click here to check out some of our favorite grand entrance videos for quinceañeras! Get inspiration on dance moves and song choices!

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