Quinceañera Trends

If you’re helping plan a quinceañera, you know how much planning and thinking is involved, and one of the more daunting tasks is trying to come up with unique ways to set the party apart! These future quinceañera s live in a world where different trends are constantly taking place, so make sure you pick the perfect ones!

Quince Queens are influenced by things we see on Instagram or Pinterest. The parties are becoming more detailed and bigger than ever! So many new quinceañera ideas are constantly popping up on their social media feeds. These quince queens want to come up with the best ones to include in their ceremony or reception. Check out the recent quinceanera trends we’ve been seeing and will be seeing more of this year!

quinceañera hora loca

Hora Loca

This has to be the #1 trend that is currently happening now and forever. You want everyone to have fun and dancing at your quince, so adding La Hora Loca will boost everyone’s energy and keep the party going. Add tons of props & balloons for an extra dose of fun!

Quinceanera Cruises

We know there are a lot of quinceañeras who are faced with a decision of having the ultimate party of their dreams or getting their passport and flying abroad to an unforgettable vacation. Well, why not have both? The biggest and newest quinceañera trend is taking a quinceañera cruise! Yes, you can now celebrate your quince on the sea while traveling to different places!

Guestbook Dropbox

So long to the traditional guestbooks and hello to guest drop boxes! Read all the sweet messages from all your padrinos and guests at your quince. You’ll be able to keep and hang this unique guest book alternative. You won’t even have to worry about it collecting dust on a bookshelf! Check some of the ones we sell, below!

Guestbook Dropboxes

Paper Flower Walls

Have you seen the paper flower walls? They make the perfect backdrop for pictures and decor! There are so many different variations on how people create them. You could have the flowers come in any shape or color and add some greenery as well! Plus, it could be a fun DIY project that will allow you to bond with either your mom, damas, padrinos, or whoever else you want!

Quince photoshoot
Credit: @diegomariscal_fotografia

Smoke Bomb-Photoshoots

One of the best ways to get everyone amped up for your quince, is doing a pre-quinceañera photo shoot, and the trendiest way to do that is with smoke bombs! These types of photoshoot come out so amazing and creative! Check out the local photographers in your area, and see if they can do a smoke bomb photography session for you!

Chinese Floating Lanterns

Using Chinese floating lanterns at quinceañeras is an upcoming trend, especially after watching Disney’s Tangled. You can do a group release with your court or even involve your family and padrinos! It’s a beautiful activity that can be done towards the end of the night and allow your guests to be a part of that special moment. Chinese floating lanterns are one of the best quinceañera trends to follow, as they can help make your night magical and memorable.

Dollar Dance

The Dollar Dance is a quinceañera trend that you don’t want to miss out on. Skip the surprise dance practices, and do this instead. Anyone who wants to dance with the quinceanera can come up to the dance floor and pin a dollar to the quinceañera’s gown. By the end, they’ll be well on their way to their own college fund ?!  Kim, the founder, and CEO of Mi Padrino, even added this to her son’s quinceañero… Check out the video here!

Charro Quinceanera with Ragazza dress
Credit: @lucysphotos1735

Charro Theme

Although charro themed quinceañeras have always been traditional, we are seeing a lot more on the rise in the past year. It’s a quinceañera trend that allows the quince queen herself to be more in touch with Mexican traditions and culture, and the colors are absolutely amazing. Plus you can easily incorporate horses for those horse-lovers out there! Get started with one of our top selling charro themed quinceañera dresses!

Modern Photo Booths

Don’t get us wrong, we love the traditional vintage photos from regular photo booths, but have you seen these modern ones, too? Modern day photo booths come with so many features that it’s hard to pass them up. Some come with cool backdrops or digital screens with unlimited backgrounds. You can have a ton of fun props and even pick ones out that go with your theme. Another amazing feature is the funny boomerang GIFs that you can capture and share with all your followers and friends on social media. Find a photo booth vendor in your area today!

Butterfly Releases

Butterflies have always been significant in many quinceanera traditions and many girls choose to have a butterfly themed quince. Regardless of whether or not you have a butterfly theme though, you can always choose to have a butterfly release! It’s a unique and symbolic trend to have at your quince. Our recommendation is to release 15 butterflies after your ceremony if you decide to have one, or you can do it at your reception, too. Your guests in attendance can watch in awe, as you release the butterflies into the world. Check out some butterfly quinceañera inspiration on our Pinterest board here.

Donut Walls

Not much of a flower wall person? Well, skip the flowers and eat donuts instead! Donut walls have become increasingly popular at weddings, and we’ve even started to see them at some quinces, too. Plus, they can be the perfect addition to your dessert and cake table! Check out this quinceañera trend on our Pinterest board here!

Quinceanera with Flower Crown
Credit: marco_vinicio_photography

Flower Crowns

Ditch the tiara, and go for something more natural, like a flower crown! Flower crowns are a recent and fun trend that you can even make yourself! It can easily turn into a fun DIY project with artificial and/or natural flowers that you can make with your madre, tias, and even padrinos. Check out some other fun quinceañera DIY ideas, too!

gold quinceanera candles

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle lighting ceremonies haven’t traditionally been part of quinceañera celebrations, but they’ve been an up-and-coming trend this past year. We think they’ll be even bigger next year! The quinceañera, court, and padrinos all take part in this by each lighting one of the 15 candles. Family and friends can share speeches while music plays in the background, which ultimately leads to the quinceañera blowing out the candles.

Quinceanera Dessert Table
Credit: eddypanphoto


Dessert Table

The best part of quince planning is definitely picking the desserts, and dessert tables have been on the rise as one of the hottest quinceanera trends that are great because they work with any theme! Plus, you know your little primos and primas will love being able to try all the different desserts you decide to have! You can opt for a smaller cake, and have smaller desserts for everyone instead of getting something big that usually costs more and is harder to deal with. Tables are definitely more cost-efficient, which is a huge reason why they’re one of the hottest trends!

La Ultima muneca
Credit: vistoevents

La Ultima Bear?!

Some girls just didn’t grow up playing with dolls, so when it comes to la ultima muñeca, it just doesn’t make sense for them. If you still want to have this tradition though, in place of an ultima muñeca doll, we’ve seen tons of girls start asking for a quinceañera bear instead! The bears will commonly be fitted with a dress that matches yours. Get a bear now to match your gown here.


Need more inspiration on quinceañera trends? Check our Quinceañera Trend Board on our Pinterest now! There are tons of pictures for inspiration on what kind of quinceañera trends you want to incorporate into your quinceañera.


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