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Let’s catch up: You’re excited because you have picked out the perfect dress for your event. But wait! When do the men need to order their tuxes and accessories?

Small vs. Large Formal Wear Shops

It all depends on when you go to get fitted and your timeline. Smaller shops might not have the right size you are looking for so if you are planning to go to a smaller place, go early! Bigger shops like Men’s Wearhouse generally have a variety of colors, styles, and sizes and should have what you are looking for. If they don’t carry the size you are looking for, they won’t think twice about ordering it. This is because they can always reuse the tux once you return it.


Bigger formal wear shops have quicker fitting and tailoring times. Make sure the store can supply you with all the tuxedo accessories you’ll need: bow tie, cufflinks, pocket square, even shoes.


Regardless of what size shop you go to, always ask how long it will take for them to tailor the tux!

So…When Should They First Go In?

We advise that the men get measured for their tuxedos at least a month or two out. This allows the shops to either order the needed size or tailor the tuxes. You can always tell them that the deadline for them to have their formalwear is a month before the wedding date just so they have them… because you know how guys can be.


To Rent or Buy Your Tux

Is it in your budget?

Renting a tux will always be the most economical choice. Renting will be around 10 to 30 percent of the price of buying a new tuxedo. If you are planning on going to multiple events that year and don’t like the renting process, look into buying one!

When you buy, you can personalize!

Again, if you are the type of person that dresses up multiple times a year, look into how much a custom suit costs. Places like Men’s Wearhouse give you free alterations for life! Your wedding tux might mean a lot to you, and this way you will always have the tuxedo that you wore at your special event.

Download our Formalwear Rental Questions PDF!

If you need some local shops to go and check out styles, check out our vendor page here! Happy planning!


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How much does it cost to rent out the clothing for the chambelans?

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