How to Have a Safer Quince After Coronavirus

The big question on everyone’s mind right now is whether or not to go through with their events in the coming weeks and months. For some, that involves a long, and sometimes expensive process of canceling venues, changing travel plans or even “uninviting” vulnerable guests; and for others, the fiesta must go on. It’s not the first time that uncontrollable disasters have struck, and it surely won’t be the last. To this, we’ve come up with some creative ways to keep everyone safe.

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1) Be Flexible About Changes
Things happen and you need to take a deep breath and roll with it, stressing out just won’t help. For example, you may need to borrow a dress if your dress can’t get to you on time because shipments are halted. It’s not the end of the world…you can even make it part of the celebration – family and friends who come together in a time of need. Try to check in often with your vendors often to confirm if there will be any delays or cancellations.

2) Take a Hard Look at Your Guest List
If you have many older parents and grandparents coming to celebrate and it’s important for you to have them present, then you should most likely postpone your event. Another option is to have a FB live or even live stream it. This way anyone, in any part of the world, can be there and participate live.

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3) Keep To Yourself
Rather than all the hugging and kissing that is natural in our culture, develop a fun elbow, hip and foot bump. You can even make this part of your dance routine, name it and then tag it on Instagram – making your Quince even more special while making it safe. Who knows, your video may go viral! If you decide to incorporate this into your day, tag #mipadrinoevents and we’ll showcase it across all of our social media outlets, too!

4) Incorporate Cleanly Habits
Décor can incorporate Purell by making it part of your gift bags or give-a-ways. When guests walk in, hand them the bag and have them have fun using it. You can also monogram the bottles with a little DIY glitter glue as well. Also, bulk pumps of sanitizer, wipes, and bottled water is a must.

5) Put On Some Gloves
Having white gloves for staff to wear (valets, coat checkers, servers passing drinks, etc.) You can even coordinate the glove color to your Quince scheme too – again making it fun and memorable.

6) Swap Out The Buffet.
No one wants to put their hand into a cheese station when there’s a risk of coronavirus exposure. One easy way to mitigate this risk is to switch all buffets to plated meals. During cocktail hour, drop appetizer stations and have hors d’oeuvres passed out on individual plates. Choose a multicourse, plated dinner instead of having guests line up at a buffet or digging into family-style entrées and sides at the table. Also think about place settings including glassware no longer proactively set on the tables, and flatware being rolled in napkins.

7) Clean All Your Devices
This includes those of your DJ, Band and court – this means the microphone, computers, your iPhone, etc. Any device that you are using that day needs to be cleaned and re-cleaned throughout the day. Pick your always cleaning-machine Tio to jump in and lead the charge.

Credit: El Vacilon Photography // Chicago, IL

8) Remember To Have Fun
You can be safe and still have an amazing time – remember this is about a celebration, so don’t let the virus steal this amazing life experience from you. It might be different than you expected, but you may also be surprised that it is the most memorable Quince you’ve ever been to!

Credit: El Vacilon Photography // Chicago, IL

If you’re still planning on doing something during this pandemic, make sure to check out the 6 Fun Ways to Have a Quince During Coronavirus!


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