The Quinceañero Ceremony

Today’s Quince celebrations embrace religious customs, family, and social responsibility. The Quinceanera tradition celebrates the young adult and the transition from childhood to maturity. The custom highlights God, family, friends, music, food, and dance.

A Simple Quinceañero Ceremony

  1. The Quinceañero’s court will enter by walking down the aisle toward the altar, and they will sit in the first row.
  2. With all guests standing, the quinceañero will be escorted to the altar by his parents.
  3. From this point, the Pastor/Priest will be leading the ceremony. The quinceañero ceremony can be held in English, Spanish, or a mix of both.
  4. The mass generally has all of the components of a typical service. However, more components can be added to the service:
  5. Presentation and blessing of gifts offered by the Padrinos, maybe a cross, rosary, and/or bible. These items are blessed by the Pastor/Priest.
  6. The quinceanero sits at an honor seat near the altar. He is joined by the parents at some points and his padrinos at others.
  7. The quinceañero will pray at the altar.
  8. The officiant will encourage the quinceañero to make God a part of his life, recognize the importance of his family, and to be an example for his community.
  9. The quinceañero will read a prayer of thanks in front of everyone attending
  10. At the end of the ceremony, the officiant will introduce the quinceañero to the community, and there will be a round of applause to commence the service and congratulate the quinceañero on making his transition to manhood.



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