Quinceañero Color Combinations: Muy Macho!

Planning a Quinceañero can be a fun, stressful time for everyone involved. Picking out the perfect Quinceañero color combinations is important. These elements need to be agreed on early because they are crucial in the rest of the planning. We’ve picked some of our favorite Quinceañero color combos for inspiration. You can use one of these or mix and match colors to create a palette that feels perfect for your event!

Great Quince Color Combos for Guys

Cool Crimson

These colors are for the guys that want that darker, mysterious look for their quince años, but with a sharp accent of crimson.  

Keeping It Traditional

Tradition and culture is one of the most essential parts of these celebrations. Why not commemorate this with traditional fiesta colors?

Smoke and Mirrors

This scheme is fun for the whole court! The girls can rock out the pink colors, and the boys take on the darker colors, with small accents of the maroon to match the girls. They may want to sneak in a little bit of pink in there, too!

Stormy Seas

Navy blue and charcoal grey look so good that our founder’s son used these color schemes at his Quinceañero (Check out the video!) In his court, the chambelañes wore navy suspenders and bow ties. The damas wore navy lace dresses. Have fun with it!

Summer Sky

A summer sky is similar to the scheme above but it doesn’t have that second darker accent of charcoal grey! This allows your fiesta to have a lighter feel to it and adds room to coordinate the decorations with the wardrobe.


We hope you found some inspiration for Quinceañero color combinations above, and if not, remember: there are millions more combinations for you to choose from!

Check out our ideas on different Quinceanero Themes for even more help planning!



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