Decoration Ideas for Boys Quinceañeros

Boys don’t want the frilly pink outfits. They want their Quinceañero to be cool, masculine, and did we say cool? The centerpieces, cake colors, and decorations will be the first differences that people notice. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas yet we’ve got your back!

Quinceañero Decoration Ideas

  1. Centerpieces
    • Use your centerpieces to make your party stand out, and add to your overall quince theme. Make sure they complement your chosen colors!
  2. Bouquets
    • We know flowers may not be a popular choice among all of the Quinceañeros out there. If you want an easy alternative, use a candy bouquet for your centerpieces and decor, instead. It’s an edible delight! 
  3. Photos
    • On your special day, don’t hesitate to highlight your event by displaying pictures of your quinceañero and your lives. Doing a slideshow if you have access to a projector will allow more people to see the pictures. Use a slideshow like this one and your guests will be in awe!
  4. Card Box
    • You’ll definitely want this for your guests to put their cards in. Make it look cool by either making it a part of your theme or simply making it look sharp.
  5. Balloons
    • Balloons are one of the best decorations ever and one that is friendly on the budget! Ideas we’ve seen are glow-in-the-dark or LED balloons!
  6. Fog Machine
    • These are sure to add to the atmosphere of the party. They are typically provided by your DJ. For fog machine questions and other DJ/Band advice, check out this link.  C’mon, these things are pretty sweet too!
  7. Lighting
    • It’s awesome to help create a mood and complement the color scheme. You have flexibility in how you use the lighting: use to uplight walls or for a more subdued use of lighting, place strings of lights on tables.
      • Another chance to really make your event pop is by adding fun extras like photo-booths, cotton candy machines, and slushies (though you will get blue teeth!) 

    • If you need to find these types of vendors to rent from, visit our Fun Add-Ons Vendor Network!
  8. LifeSize Cut-Outs
    • This one will be a definite guest favorite. Get a life-size cut out of your quinceañero or have fun with it and have a cut out of anyone!
  9. Backdrop Decorations
    • You can make a backdrop or buy one! These are a lot of fun for everyone and it can even be used as part of a DIY photo booth!


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