The Quinceanero: Mother and Son Dance Guide

Ah, the Quinceanero Mother Son dance, one of our favorite moments of the night. Here you’ll have the chance to dance with your son on his special day. This will be a special moment for the both of you as he is making the transition from a boy to a man.

Mother and Son Dance

Traditionally, these dances are done as the first dance of the night. During the waltz, the mother will speak about how proud she is of her son. Say what feels natural since this is a special moment for the pair of you.

After the first dance with his mother, usually the quinceañero will dance with a girl from his court. This is when the fiesta starts! Everyone is welcome to the dance floor and the quinceañero will dance with all of the guests. Just make sure you dance with your son again, too .


Last Toy Car (Ultimo Carrito)

This song can be played while the mother and son dance. The son’s ultimo juguete (last toy) is what this song is about and how he will be moving on from toys into his adulthood. During the song, at some point someone hands the Quinceañero a toy car. The car can be kept as a memento or we’ve even seen the toy given to a younger sibling.

Check out a sample song here:


Some Of Our Favorite Songs

  • “Señora Señora”- Denise de Kalafe
  • “Cancion Para Mama”  – Boyz II Men
  • “Mi Primer Amor” – Pesado
  • “Te Amo Mama” – Marco Antonio Solis
  • “Madre Mia” – Grupo Mania
  • “Madrecita” by José José
  • “Vivo Orgulloso” – Victor Manuelle



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