5 Ways to Entertain Your Guests

Here you are, planning the party of your dreams. This special day is all about you, but in some ways, it isn’t. While your ceremony is definitely all about you, your reception tends to be geared towards your guests. Your guests are attending because they want to celebrate you, but you want them to have a great time too! Read through some of our most entertaining ideas to help you plan a reception that your guests won’t soon forget!

Skee-ball Machines

  1. Games

When it comes to reception entertainment, games seem like an obvious choice but they are often overlooked. Games are an awesome alternative if you think you’ll have a lot of guests who aren’t into dancing.

There quite a few different ways to incorporate games into your big day. If you are having an outdoor reception, you can include yard games, such as cornhole, horse shoe toss, and badminton!  There are also a ton of yard games, like life-size Jenga or yard pong that you can create yourself!

If your reception is indoors, you might opt for smaller board games. You can have a seperate “game table” at your reception, or you can use them as centerpieces! If each table features a different game, you can almost guarantee your guests will be moving around and meeting new people!

For a reception being held indoors with a lot of extra room, you could consider having a separate “game room!” Some companies rent out arcade games, ping pong tables, air hockey tables, and more! Totally into the game idea? Consider holding your reception at an actual arcade!


  1. KaraokeKaraoke Microphone

If you have a lot of outgoing friends, this might be the choice for your wedding or quinceanera reception entertainment! Share the stage with your guests by having karaoke at your reception! Some people choose to bring out the karaoke at the end of the night, after all the dancing has died down. Another idea would be to have a separate section of your reception for karaoke, which works especially well if you have a large reception venue.


  1. Food Trucks

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking that food trucks don’t really fall under the category of “entertainment.” However, we have to disagree! Food can be filling and fun! This is a great new trend we’ve been seeing at quinceaneras and weddings lately. Some people choose to have their food trucks arrive at the end of the night so that their guests can get a midnight snack for the road. There are tons of different types of food trucks you can hire for your party, from tacos to donuts or even ice cream!


  1. Caricature ArtistCaricature Artist

Who doesn’t want to see a cartoon of themselves? If you hire a caricature artist for your reception entertainment, it can also double as your favor! Guests can take turn getting caricatures drawn of themselves and laughing at each other’s impressions! The best part is, they have something fun to take home and to remember your event by.


  1. Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt

This is an entertaining idea that requires a very small amount extra money from you. Come up with a list of things for guests to do (or find one online) and print out enough for your guests. These can be anything from “take a photo with the quinceanera’s grandmother” to “plank somewhere in the reception hall.” Your guests can work on checking off various items on their list throughout the reception and post them on social media with your event hashtag! We love this idea because your guests can be as involved (or not involved) as they want to be, and it’s something fun and silly you can look back on after your party is over!


Looking for another entertainment idea? Check out Having a Photo Booth at Your Event!


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