Rose Gold Quinceañera: A Beautiful, Classy, & Timeless Quince Theme

Rose Gold Quinceañera: A Beautiful, Classy, & Timeless Quince Theme

Are pink and gold your favorite color combinations? If you don’t really have a theme in mind when planning your quinceañera, you can stop searching! A rose gold quinceañera is the perfect theme for you! 

Rose gold has become an obsession for many people in recent years; who can argue with that? The color gives off a glamorous and luxurious feel to it, and these two components are the perfect combo for a rose gold quinceañera.

Meet Our Featured Quinceañera

Our featured Quince Queen, Samantha, came across the rose gold theme when planning her quinceañera. She said her quince basically turned into a Rose Gold Quinceañera instead of her previous idea of a Royalty Theme.

Where did she get her inspiration? Well, she got most of her inspiration from Pinterest. Samantha definitely recommends Pinterest for anyone planning their quinceañera. She found so many ideas for her party there. Check out our Pinterest for more Rose Gold Quinceañera inspiration!

Getting Ready

Samantha chose a beautiful gold Ragazza dress for her Rose Gold Theme Quinceañera. You can shop her dress, and all Ragazza dresses on our site, here!  She also had a beautiful royal crown to compliment her dress! Samantha’s theme is Rose Gold Royalty, and she had an all gold dress, which is perfectly fine since the rest of her party does reflect a lot of rose gold! Mixing gold and rose gold together gives your quince a very elegant feel.

One tip our Quince Queens should take into consideration when getting ready, is packing an emergency bag! You never know what may happen when you’re getting ready. Whether you’re having a Rose Gold Quinceañera or any other themes, having your essential emergency kit will come in handy! Check out the video here. 

Rose Gold Photoshoot

One of our favorite things is seeing all the great photos from our Quince Queens! EB Photography did an amazing job of capturing these precious and beautiful photos from Samantha’s Rose Gold Quinceañera!

If you need any help with your pictures, check out our Quinceañera Must-Have Shots planning article! It is full of inspiration on what pictures you should think about taking on your big day! 

A Rose Gold Quince Court

Since Samantha had a gold dress, she decided that her damas would wear light pink dresses with gold sparkly detailing for the tops! They definitely complemented her dress very well, and went along with her Rose Gold Quinceañera. Before you go dress shopping for your damas, make sure you check out our planning guide on things to consider, here.

Samantha’s chambelanes wore all white shirts, black pants, and black dress shoes. For their accessories, the guys donned light pink suspenders and bow ties! This look definitely made Samantha stand out even more. If you are having trouble coordinating colors with your chambelanes, check out our planning article, here.


This rose gold quinceañera was beautifully decorated and gave off a romantic, yet elegant touch. There was a mixture between rose gold and gold colored tables, yet all of the tables had amazing centerpieces with rose petals throughout. If you like these centerpieces, be sure to check out our DIY version that you can do at home, here.

Cake & Desserts

The desserts and cake at Samantha’s rose gold quinceañera looked delicious! It was nicely decorated with pink and gold balloons. She also had a light-up tree filled with pictures of her and her friends and family. The candy set-up was a perfect touch to her quince. 

This cake was specially made for a Quince Queen, like Samantha! The cake was elegantly decorated with gold detailing by Cakes by Gina. If you need help with what to ask your cake baker, we have a list of questions ready, here. Her desserts were made by Anyela Pirone from Dolcissimmo. The sweets ranged from cake pops, to chocolate dessert cups. This definitely looked like dessert heaven!

The Ceremony

Like many other quinceaneras, Samantha’s ceremony was a huge part of the party. If you need help with your quince ceremony, make sure to read through some of our planning articles here. We have 10 of our favorite tips for your ceremony listed as well!

The Reception

The reception will probably be the most fun part of your quince! It will be full of traditions, and fun with all your friends and family members. You may even have your fondest memories from your quinceanera reception. Samantha had a blast at her rose gold quinceanera! From cutting the cake, to her changing of shoes, she wore the biggest smile throughout the whole night!

For her father-daughter dance, they danced to “La Niña Que Soñe” by Jey Pacheco. There was also a fun dance where they danced to “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer and then “Apache (Jump On It)” by The Sugarhill Gang. One tip to our Quince Queens is to have fun with these dances! We know from experience that sometimes the traditional things can drag on for a bit, but if you make it enjoyable for your guests and yourself, the party never pauses!

Surprise Dance

Samantha definitely went all out with these dances and her dance with her chambelanes did not disappoint! She hired professional chambelanes from Highclass Productions. She did encounter some problems though, and all our future quince queens can probably learn from her experience!

The week of Samantha’s quinceanera was hectic, to say the least. She had to attend mandatory camp for her high school drill team, all while trying to practice with her chambelanes. Our Quince Queen actually only got to practice with her chambelanes for 3 days. She was definitely sore and tired from trying to balance back-to-back dance routines. Samantha definitely recommends putting aside more time to practice with your chambelanes so you can take in the routine and remember it better for your big day!

The Party

Samantha’s rose gold themed quinceanera seemed like a complete blast! All her friends and family were seen laughing and dancing with the LED robot from DJ Fuego. On top of the DJ playing, Samantha also had Tropicalisima Sonora Elite play at her quince! We can definitely assume the party never stopped for her!

Looking back on her rose gold quince, Samantha wants to let any future quince queens know to enjoy every second of their quinceañera; “It flies by so fast. As cheesy and cliche as it may sound, before you know it, the night is over in the blink of an eye. To this day, I still think about it and wish I could go back to the night of my quinceañera.”

If you need any more inspiration on your Rose Gold Quinceanera, make sure you check out our planning article here!

Vendors that made this happen:

Photography: EB Photography
Chambelanes/Choreography: Highclass Productions
Desserts: Dolcissimmo by Anyela Pirone
Cake: Cakes by Gina
Photobooth: JAMVA Events
Floral Decorations: Lucas Chaves
Band: Internacional Sonora Elite
DJ/LED Robot: DJ Fuego


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