Guest Book: Message in a Bottle


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If you’re the type that likes to break with tradition and you’re looking for beach accessories this unique guest book is a stylish alternative to the norm. Including an elegant scroll with nautical design and a sleek glass bottle with a natural cork and glass stopper, this guest book with a difference takes its inspiration from a ‘message in a bottle’ making it perfect if your big day is taking place by the ocean or has an indoor beach theme. The scroll holds up to 100 signatures and once completed should be placed back into the bottle for safe keeping, thus leaving you with a permanent reminder of your day that can be displayed.


  • Scroll: 23 3/8″ (L) x 81/4″ (W) Bottle: 14.5” tall and 3.5” dia. at the widest, including the topper.
  • Glass Pen not  included

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