Spring Clean Your Business

When was the last time you took a long hard look at your website, your email signature, or your “About” section on Facebook?

Now is a great time to spring clean your business and get all your marketing materials in the perfect place. Here is a list of things to do that can help you get your business into tip-top shape:


Facebook is one of the best ways to both engage with your old customers and also reach new ones.

On top of posting consistently – a few times per week is best – cleaning up your profile and joining some groups can help you get more recognition and inquiries too (there are tons of quince and wedding groups out there).

Here are some things you can update on Facebook to help improve your presence:

  • Update your cover photo.
    • The cover photo is the image that shows up at the top of your Facebook page.
    • It’s great to update this every month or so to keep your page fresh.
    • Great for showing off some of your best work or even promoting an offer!
  • Update your profile image.
    • This is the main image that shows up with your page and your posts.
    • It’s great to update this every month or so too.
    • Every time you update, it should show up in your followers’ feeds!
  • Update your “about” section.
    • Make sure all your contact information is up-to-date and add any new info for you customers!
  • Join popular groups.
    • Find popular groups in your area where people are looking for vendors like you!
    • Join our quince and wedding group to start!

Facebook also makes it super easy to communicate with customers via the Messenger app, so make sure you have the app downloaded and set up to send you notifications. Responding to people on time can give you a huge leg up!


Instagram is an awesome way to reach customers nowadays too, especially the younger generations.

Make some edits to your profile to keep your content fresh for your followers there too:

  • Update your profile image.
    • Give yourself a new fresh look!
  • Update your “about” section.
    • Include your phone number, your website, and any other important info.
    • This can be a great place to mention a coupon if you have any too!
  • Keep posting!
    • Posts are a great way for you to reach new people.
    • Post the highest quality content you have to get new followers.
    • You can post even more frequently here than Facebook, but make sure it’s all high quality.
  • Post stories!
    • Stories are a great way to engage with your followers too.
    • Post stories of new things you’re working on or deals you’re offering!

Definitely make sure to keep an eye on your DMs. People will often send messages or leave comments if they want more information!


One of the best places to spring clean your business is your email. Not everyone can keep an empty inbox, but here are some tips for keeping your email looking clean:

  • Organize your inbox.
    • Delete all the junk that you were maybe never going to read 🙈
    • You might even find some important ones that you forgot to answer!
  • Unsubscribe to unwanted emails.
    • Most newsletters should have an unsubscribe link that can keep them out of your inbox for good.
    • Unroll.Me is a great tool to help you get rid of thousands of unwanted emails in a matter of seconds, and it’s FREE!
    • Get rid of the clutter so you can make sure you never miss something important!
  • Make yourself a new signature.
    • Make sure all your contact information is in there and up to date.
    • Add your link and your company logo if you have one.
    • Add links to any social media profiles that you want to promote.
    • Feel free to copy and paste this one and edit with your info:
      • Name, Title
        (Logo) COMPANY NAME
        (123) 456-7890 | youremail@company.com |
        www.website.com | Anywhere, USA
        (Facebook Link) (LinkedIn Link) (Featured in Forbes)

Adding your logo, and a good catchy style to your signature will help customers remember your and your business easier, and cleaning up your inbox will help you make sure you never miss your important emails!


This might be the most daunting of them all, but now is also a better time than ever to make updates to your website:

  • Update your current logo.
    • If you want to rebrand, now is a great time!
  • Update images and videos.
    • People loooove scrolling through images and videos.
    • Make sure the ones you post on your site are super high quality!
  • Make sure you have a clean layout.
  • Add your call to action to every page.
    • Whether you want people to fill out a contact form or call your phone number, make sure it’s easy to find on EVERY PAGE.
  • Update and organize each page.
    • Make sure any old and outdated content is replaced with info that’s new and up to date.
    • Your Christmas and New Year’s promos should be long gone by spring!
  • Create a blog.
    • If you like to write, blog posts and SEO can help bring free traffic to your site.
  • Don’t have a website or need a new one?

Like your website but just need some pointers? Here are some of the best practices that we’ve seen from our vendors whose websites seem to perform the best:

  • Stay organized and clean.
    • Websites that are easy to read and navigate always perform the best!
  • Keep it concise.
    • Steer away from too much content that could lose the customers attention.
  • Be easy to reach.
    • Make sure your contact information is super obvious so it’s easy for customers to reach out.
    • Provide a good phone number and email that you check daily.
  • Promote your logo.
    • Be creative with your business logo and make sure it’s on every page so viewers grow to recognize it.
  • Set yourself apart.
    • Do something creative that will stand out from your competitors.
    • Don’t be afraid to get a little personal and tell your story – people like that! 
  • Update your content.
    • Always update your site with your most recent photos, videos, and other content.
    • Outdated content turns customers off, and updated content will show customers all the great work you’re doing!
    • You don’t just have to update your content in the spring time, but now’s a great time to start!

Updating your website can feel like a really big task, but the longer you put it off, the more customers you might miss!


By using the tips listed here to spring clean your business, you should be ready to kick start the busy summer season! Adding and updating everything on your social platforms and website will help get you noticed and help you close new customers! 


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