The Best Marketing Strategies for Weddings & Quinceañeras

The wedding and Quinceañera industries bring in a ton of money every year, but establishing your foundation within them can definitely be difficult, especially if you’re a small business or just getting started. It can be very challenging to figure out how to set yourself apart from your competition and spark interest in the thousands of brides and quinces planning their big day each year. So, we wanted to pull together some basic marketing strategies and ideas for how to promote your business within the wedding and quince industries to hopefully help you get off on the right foot!

Check out Kim Gamez, CEO & Founder of Mi Padrino, and Jason Rubio from Austin’s Best DJ talk about the best marketing strategies for weddings and quinceañeras!

If you are able to use these marketing strategies when promoting your business, you will be ahead of the game!!

Content Marketing
Social Media
Google Analytics


There are tons of different ways to market a business, but with the new landscape of digital marketing, there are a few key marketing and advertising concepts that you should try to understand and utilize as best you can as a wedding or quinceañera vendor.

  • Content Marketing
    • Content marketing is the process of creating content, like articles and videos, to share with prospective customers.
    • Content can be shared on your website, on your social media platforms, via email, and more.
    • More details on this below!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • SEO is the process of adding and organizing content on your website so it shows up for people who are searching on Google.
    • More details on this below!
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
    • PPC generally describes the process of running ads on various digital advertising platforms – Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.
    • It’s called “pay-per-click” because you generally pay per every time someone clicks on your ad to go to your website.
    • More details on this below!
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    • CRM is a platform for managing all your communications with customers and leads.
    • They can track your emails, calls, etc. with every lead you get so you can make sure there are never any loose ends.
    • More details on this below too! 


When was the last time you took a good look at your website? Ever think it might need some cleaning up?

Your website should be a clear indicator of what you do, what you offer, and how you set yourself apart to prospective customers. Make sure you show off your work, grab your audience’s attention, and give them a reason to call you!

  • Show off your work! Your prospective customers are going to spend a lot of money with you (or someone else) so make sure you show them all of the awesome work that you’ve done for other customers in the past.
  • Show off yourself! Showing a picture of yourself and a bio of your backstory will help people get to know you and develop a personal connection even before they reach out.
  • Include frequently asked questions. Think about the questions you get asked the most and add them to your site in an FAQs section. People will appreciate being able to get that without having to reach out.
  • Make it sound natural. It’s good to come across as professional, but make sure to include your personality too!
  • Make it mobile friendly. Over 60% of searches on done on phones now, so make sure you’re happy with how your website looks and works on your phone.
  • Include tons of pictures (and videos). People may skim through the writing on your site, but they will definitely flip through the pictures. Include as many high quality pictures and videos as you can so people can really start to experience your work.
  • Show off your reviews! Recommendations are everything these days, so ask your past customers to leave you reviews and testimonials and display them prominently on your site for future prospects to see!
  • When trying to focus on topics to gain your audience attention, write on topics your audience cares about by using natural language with frequently asked questions. Always link to other relevant sources ie: Mi Padrino to view more relevant sources.
  • Interesting fact: 48.45% desktop users. 46.71% mobile focus! Focus on MOBILE! Make sure your website is easy to navigate through and is mobile friendly. Fun Fact: About 90% of people don’t go past page 1
  • Tip: people actually don’t read your entire website..they skim it!
  • How fast is your internet?
    • Make sure your website speed is fast : if your website is slower than 3 seconds, 40% of users will abandon your site.
    • I would advise on straying away from a lot of pop ups and images. Sometimes is can mislead your audience as distracting and they may leave your site.
  • Reviews!!
    • Always ask your customers to leave reviews after using your services. Feedback is everything. 
      • Gives you a competitive advantage, reviews, conversion rates.

Content Marketing

Tons of people talk about “content marketing” but many of them don’t actually have any idea what it is!

Content marketing is simply just creating and sharing relevant content for your target audience. It can come in many forms and media, but the main keys are quality and relevance.

  • Content can come in many forms. Some of the most popular ones are blogs/articles, videos, social media, infographics, etc.
  • Think about your prospective customers. What questions are they asking? What info are they looking for? What do they want to see and find out? Write about everything they’re looking for and help them address their pain points.
  • Don’t just write to write. Some may say that quantity is important, but if your content isn’t relevant to your prospective customers, then it won’t help you generate any new business.
  • Make sure your content gets viewed. Regardless of if you make videos or write articles or share pictures, make sure people see it. Share it on your website, your social media platforms, email it to people, etc.
  • Content Marketing 
    • Content Marketing is creating relevant content to your targeting audience. Who is looking for you and your business? You want to inform and educate the audience on what they need by driving traffic to your site to sell yourself. Some examples of Content Marketing: blogging, vlogging, infographics etc.
    • Marketing
      • Marketing is very important! You can be the nicest venue in town, but if no one knows about you, they won’t find you if you’re not out there marketing. 
      • What do you write about?
        • Write a FAQ page to help people find answers they need.  Always inform and educate about your field. DON’T just write about your specialty. EX: How much does a wedding/quince venue cost? 
      • Make connections while marketing. You should be making connections and networking with other vendors in the wedding/quince industry to bounce ideas off each other and stay up to date on the latest trends and competitive.
      • Consider attending expo events and being ready to make friends and share your expertise with other vendors.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is another marketing strategy that wedding and quinceañera businesses should try to address.

SEO is ultimately the process of optimizing your online content – primarily your website – for search engines AND humans. Google has gotten so good at reading websites at this point that it’s really most important to make a website that is great for people, but there are still a few things you should make sure you address so Google can understand your site better and hopefully show it up high when people search.

  • Add titles and meta descriptions. These are what Google reads from your website to figure out what to show in your search results. If you go search on Google, the title becomes the blue link part of the search results and the description becomes the black text.
    • Your website builder – e.g. Squarespace, WordPress, etc. – should have a place to add these to each page of your site.
    • There should also be plugins, like Yoast, that you can easily add to your site to help you add these as well!
  • Include keywords. Think about what people are searching to find businesses like yours – e.g. “wedding venues in houston” – and include keywords like that in your titles, meta descriptions, website copy, and more.
  • Be local. Most quinceañera and wedding vendors serve customers locally, so make sure you have a listing in all the popular local directories where people might look – e.g. Google My Business, Yelp, etc.
    • Check Google for relevant searches, like “djs near me” or “photographers in dallas”, and see if you’re starting to show up in Google Maps on the regular results.
    • If not, see what other sites show up and see if you can get listings added to them too!
  • Get links. Make sure you link to your website from all your directory listings, social media accounts, etc. Any other relevant website that you can get to link to yours should help too, even Mi Padrino or the Knot!
  • Teach yourself! There are tons of great resources on SEO out there that are free to use and will help you gain a basic understanding of the concepts and some easy low hanging fruit to address.
  • Hire a professional. There also may be a point at which your time is better spent tending to your customers than it is trying to market your business, in which case there are surely tons of local marketing professionals in your area that can help you with your SEO (and many of these other strategies).
    • How does SEO work? 
      • Option to learn SEO is FREE! Or you can hire a professional. Could be expensive but extremely worth it! DIY Learn Content Marketing on your own! Remember you can learn SEO and Content marketing for free. 
      • SEO is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. If a customer is looking for DJ’s in Austin, TX…if you are marketing in that area and mention in your marketing tools DJ, Austin, Texas..your business will show up and continue to show up! huh!

Social Media

Whether you like it or not, the reality that we live in is that everybody is on social media – in fact, over 90% of millennials use social media today!

Luckily for you, if a bride or quince sees something they like online, they’ll be much more likely to look into you and your business to potentially hire you for your services. So, all the more reason to have a strong presence on social media!

  • Figure out where your customers are. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook and Instagram at this point, but Facebook’s audience skews older and Instagram’s audience skews younger. More and more people these days seem to be using both to find their quince and wedding vendors!
  • Listen more, promote less. Use the 80/20 rule – spend 80% of your time looking at what your customers are posting and engaging with your followers, and 20% of your time posting new content to promote yourself.
  • Show your personality. Be yourself and post content that will help your prospects get to know you and your work.
  • Visuals, visuals, visuals. Any type of visual content is great for social media, as long as it’s high quality. Videos are taking over as the best medium for social, but ultimately the more either pictures or videos you can post, the better!
  • Watch the stats. Most small businesses won’t have huge numbers on social media, but every platform still gives you the opportunity to see how well your posts do. Take a look and see if you can’t figure out what types of posts do better than others!

Take your business to website like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. These sites rely heavily on images which can be a huge when you’re trying to market your services!

  • Who uses Social media? 90.4% of Millennials use social media! 54% of social media browse and research products use tiktok, instagram, and Facebook  to stay up to date by posting and engaging with customers regularly. 
  • Social Media Tips: 
    • Use the 80/20 rule! Listen more, promote less. Focus on the social platform that gathers more engagement for you.
    • When to post on social media?  Try posting your content on Wednesdays at 11am to Facebook and Instagram, we hear it’s the best time!!  Cool Hint



The harsh reality of digital marketing is that “free” marketing can only take you so far. Eventually, you’ll almost always probably want some element of paid advertising, or pay-per-click marketing (PPC), to help you get in front of more people.

  • Test out Google Ads. If SEO doesn’t get you to the top of the search results, you can force the issue by advertising your business on Google for keywords that are relevant to your business.
    • Around 90% of people don’t get past the first page in Google, so you might need to run ads to get more visibility even if your regular search result is showing up on Page 2!
  • Test out Facebook Ads. Businesses can have a really hard time reaching a lot of people on Facebook since they made a big change to their algorithm, so consider boosting posts to people in your area to get more visibility for your business.
  • Teach yourself! Just like with SEO, there are tons of great (free!) resources online for how to run successful ad campaigns on all the main digital marketing platforms.
  • Be careful! You can end up spending (and wasting) a lot of money, so make sure to check in every day or week, and potentially seek advice from a marketing professional if you can too.

Google Analytics

Marketing isn’t really a worthwhile endeavor unless you’re measuring how it’s helping. Google Analytics is an awesome (free!) tool that can help you measure your website traffic and understand things like how many people are getting to your website, where they are coming from, what pages are they looking at, and how much time they are spending on your site.

It should be relatively easy to install Google Analytics, especially if you’re using one of the big website builders – e.g. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace – but it can certainly be complex to understand and navigate. There are plenty of tutorials available to watch to help you gain an understanding, or see if a local professional will be willing to give you a quick rundown of the platform so you can understand it more easily.

Does your business show up on Google maps? Make sure your customers can find you.

  • Google Maps: When you search DJ near me, it will show you the top DJ’s near you at the very moment. 

Google my business: SIGN UP! List your business…ITS FREE!!

    • Businesses that verify their information with Google My Business are twice as likely to be considered a reputable source  of business to consumers.
    • Also, when customers search your business on Google Map, make sure they have access to information like your hours, website, and street address. This will make it easier on you as the business owner as well as the customer. 
  • Read and Respond to Reviews!
    • Customers like to see business engagement. By interacting to reviews, good or bad, it shows your invested in your company and customer experience and will present itself in a positive way to outsiders.


Sales is essential to all businesses. Whether your marketing and brand essentially does your sales for you or you have a bunch of manpower dedicated to getting on the phone, sales is the driving force in closing customers.

Customer relationship managers, or CRMs, are tools that have been created over the last couple decades that can help salespeople immensely by tracking their communications with leads so they can help follow up with and close customers.

Here are some more details on how to maximize your sales efforts:

  • Figure out your pitch.
    • Every business has a different value proposition that they should promote – promote your experience, or your pricing, or any unique features.
    • Figure out what your customers like about you most and turn that into your pitch for closing new customers.
    • Solidify your pitch – even write it down! – so you can easily replicate it and even share it with others you may hire to help.
  • Get a good CRM.
    • It may seem like overkill, but a CRM can really help you make sure you never lose track of leads and even help you reduce the amount of time it takes to communicate.
    • Salesforce and Hubspot are the two most popular CRM systems, although they may be more expensive.
    • There are cheaper options too, like Zoho and Active Campaign, but they might not have the same functionality.
    • Reach out to a couple CRM companies and do some demos so you can at least see how the platforms work and see if there is one that is right for you!
  • Set up marketing workflows.
    • Marketing automation is a way to automatically set up a string of emails to send out to your prospects and leads.
    • Automation campaigns, or workflows, allow you to come up with a succession of messages to send to leads as they are researching who to choose.
    • They help you make sure you’re continuing to reach out to your leads without requiring you to remember who to email and when, and can save you a bunch of time!


Free Resources: Hubspot marketing, youtube, search engine journal

  • Google Search Console
    • Google Search Console helps you see what pages on your website Google is showing in the search results, what keywords they’re showing up for, and how many clicks you’re getting from those results.
  • SEMRush
    • SEMRush is a free tool that helps you see what keywords you and your competitors are showing up for.
  • Hubspot Marketing
    • Use the hubspot marketing and sales tools to navigate and retain leads. It helps you keep track of leads, new and old. 
    • Need to manage email threads? Hubspot can help with that! Create an email thread to always be in communication with your customers. Also, the campaigns help with sending out emails for announcements, any specials you may have as well as follow ups!
  • YouTube
    • Create thumbnail images that draw viewers to click your youtube video.
    • Make sure your captions and descriptions are catchy!
    • Use search keywords that show mostly video results from Google.
    • Share your youtube video to all of your social media platforms to get more viewers and traffic.



*If you are an expert in your industry and would like to share your tips and resources to our audience, please feel free to reach out as we would love to hear from you!















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