The Best Way To Pee In Your Dress: An Easy Pee-zy Guide For Your Quinceañera

After countless months of planning and stressing, your special day is finally coming up! You have spent all this time, getting everything down to the very last detail. The only thing you have to worry about now is hair, makeup, getting dressed, and pray that everything else falls to place. But wait, there is only one thing you didn’t think about….How on earth are you going to pee in this big dress of yours?! Well, we have a solution for you! 

No matter how many months of planning you have put into for your big day, nothing can prepare you for “Day-Of Emergencies”. Thankfully the Mi Padrino Team is here to help and we partnered up with Heather Stenlake, who has the perfect solution for you!

Heather Stenlake came up with Bridal Buddy, a slip that helps brides and women in special occasion gowns use the bathroom on their own. The Mi Padrino Team is here to show you step by step how to use Bridal Buddy, so that you can be prepared on your big day!

When it comes down to planning every aspect of your part, you probably won’t think about how you’re going to use the bathroom on the big day. Bridal Buddy is the perfect solution for Day-Of Emergencies. If you need any clarification on these steps, watch the girls from our Team review Bridal Buddy and show you how to use it above!

Step By Step Guide:How to Use Bridal Buddy

Get your Bridal Buddy here!

Bridal Buddy® Undergarment Slip


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Bridal Buddy is the best way to use the bathroom in a large dress! As seen on Shark Tank!

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