Top 3 Things You Need To Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is a tradition that honors family members who have passed away. This tradition is celebrated from October 31st- November 2nd. Although it does center around death, people still dress up in costumes and wear makeup, hold parties and parades, sing and dance, and give offerings to the dead. It’s not about sadness or grief, it’s all about celebrating life with laughter, respect and joy! Here’s how you can incorporate this theme with your quince!

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Most people would be thinking.. “Why are you celebrating over a dead family member?”. Although it may be weird, this tradition has been around for quite some time and is used to honor the life they once had. There are so many components that go into this age-old tradition that make it a great way to celebrate your quince during the spooky month! Día de los Muertos is full of exciting colors, makeup, and celebration!

Three Day of the Dead Dolls


This theme integrates spirited and lively colors that pop out in every corner of the room. Each color has a specific meaning that goes into this tradition. Below are the colors and their meanings:

  • Red – The blood of life
  • Orange – Sun
  • Yellow – Cempazuchitl (marigolds) that symbolize death.
  • Purple – Indicates pain, suffering, grief, and mourning
  • Pink – Celebration (whoot whoot!)
  • White – Hope and Purity

Woman with Dia de los Muertos Mask


The most prominent part of Día de los Muertos is the sugar skulls/catrinas! Most people always make the connection to this tradition, it’s a beautiful way to celebrate an event that centers around death. Here’s how you can use it in your decor:

  • Centerpieces
  • Makeup (sugar skull or a catrina makeup)
  • Cake toppers
  • Masks

Another item of decor that is very prominent is papel picado (tissue paper with cut out shapes/figures). This papel can hang from walls, ceilings, tables or the altar! It’s a very common piece of decor that is inexpensive. Check out this papel picado on Etsy!

And don’t forget to add Cempazuchitl (Mexican marigold flower) to your decor! After all, it does symbolize death!

Day of the Dead Altar to Celebrate a Lost Loved One
Photo: La Sirena Mexican Folk Art | Instagram – @lasirena_nyc


The focal point of this tradition and what should be in your event is the ofrenda or altar. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate your loved ones who have passed away, throughout your big day. Below are some of the elements that you should incorporate:

  • Pictures of your loved ones who have passed
  • Flowers; more specifically the Cempazuchitl (scent is believed to make the souls feel welcome)
  • Levels (at least two to symbolize heaven and earth)
  • Arch (symbolize entrance to the world of the dead)
  • Papel picado
  • Pan de Muertos
  • Tequila or pulque
  • Food (mole or tamales con atole)
  • Candles
  • Crucifixes, Virgin Mary or any Saint
  • Petate (a woven bedroll to allow the souls to rest)
  • Water (calm the souls’ thirst after their long journey)
  • Personal Items (clothes, toys, etc. to make the souls feel at home)
  • Salt (used for purifying)

Once you put all of this together, it becomes a commemorable spot for your loved one during your big day!

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