Under the Sea Quinceañera Theme

“We got no troubles…Life is the bubbles…Under the sea”

Do you love the ocean?
Do you like collecting seashells?
Do you like swimming?
Do you love sea animals?
Do you have long, beautiful hair?
Is your favorite Disney princess named Ariel?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you might possibly be a mermaid, which is why you should think about having an under the sea quinceañera theme! We have tons of under the sea quinceañera inspiration for you!

Under the Sea Theme Decor

Dinglehoppers and snarfblatts are a perfect way to decorate your under the sea theme quince…but seriously, you have so many options on how to decorate your venue! Here are some of the decorations you can consider adding to your Under the Sea quinceañera theme:

  • Sequin Table Cloths
  • Decorative Ribbon and Tulle
  • Sea Shell Assortments
  • Fishnets
  • Treasure Chests
  • Balloon Arches
  • Fishbowls

In addition to these inspirational pictures, we have Under the Sea decor in our shop now! Make sure you check it out!


Under the Sea Theme Cakes

These cakes will sure make a splash at your under the sea quinceanera theme! Have your cake baker decorate your cake with some of these elements:

  • Mermaid Tails
  • Starfish
  • Seashells
  • Fish Scales
  • Golden Tridents


Under the Sea Desserts

Why stop at just cake, when you can have a whole bunch of other desserts at your under the sea quinceanera theme! You can have cookies, cake pops, and even donuts! In addition to having more options for your guests, they make great delicious decorations. Your guests will love it!

Under the Sea Makeup

Look at all these mer-mazing makeup looks! For your Under the Sea quinceañera theme makeup, try some bold, colorful looks! You can try doing shades of blue, purple, or even aqua! If you’re going for a more glam look, add glitter to “represent” a mermaid’s pretty tails! Some Under the Sea quinceañeras even add tiny rhinestones to their overall look!

Under the Sea Quinceañeras

These quince queens… we mean mermaid queens, are as endless as the ocean and as timeless as the tides. We hope that these Quince Queen pictures can bring you some inspiration on what to wear or where to have your quince photoshoot.  Ask your photographer if you can have your Under the Sea theme quince shoot at a nearby beach! The photos will turn out to be mezMERizing. We also agree that you cannot go wrong with whatever color dress you choose! Keep this in mind when planning your Under the Sea quinceanera theme!

Psssst… In addition to selling Under the Sea decor, we have dresses on sale that will go with your under the sea quinceañera theme perfectly!


Check out some of the Under the Sea theme decorations and dresses we carry on our shop right now! We have mer-mazing backdrops, out of the ocean dresses, and much much more!

  • 37″ Seashell Wire Quinceañera Brindis Set

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  • Angel Fish Balloon

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    Camila Q Gold Accent Quinceañera Dress by Karishma Creations Q17010

    From: $458.00
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  • Dolphin Balloon

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  • Dolphin Wire Quinceañera Brindis Set

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  • Mermaid Standee

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  • Mini Starfish (Set of 30)

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  • Ocean Blue Fish Set (Set of 10)

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    Off the Shoulder Mint Quinceañera Dress by Ragazza D37-537

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  • Pirate’s Treasure Chest

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  • Sea Life Decopics (Set of 24)

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  • Seahorse Chariot Stand In

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  • 1 ColorsNEW

    Seashell Bouquet

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  • 1 ColorsNEW

    Seashell Guest Book and Pen

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  • Under the Sea Party Stage Kit

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  • Undersea Backdrop

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    Water Activated Diamond Light (Package of 5)

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  • Wavy Metallic Table Skirt

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