Bailes De Ensueño

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I have always considered dancing as an exit or escape from the problems of life as well as a celebration of it. Since I was 18 I have worked with young people in my different jobs. One of the things I learned is that during high school young people go through many life challenges, and it is at this time that they need more adult guidance. For me, that guide was during the dance. There it was that I met my friends and even my current partner. The dance has given me the opportunity to let out my negativity in a healthy way and focus on my goals.

Bailes de Ensueño began long before he had a name. Teaching the few choreographies I knew gave me the opportunity to offer a safe space for others to have a place to express themselves freely without being judged where they came from. The Quinceañeras celebration has always fascinated me since they represent the moment when a girl presents herself to society as a young woman. What goes through my mind to know this is that the practices of your Fifteen dance is one of the last opportunities you will have to enjoy your childhood youth. That is why it is a privilege to spend time with the Quinceañera, her ladies and chamberlains. More than a job, it is an honor to be part of these memories and to be a temporary guide for these young people.

Me llamo Karla Ayala y enseño coreografias para Quinceañeras: Vals, Baile Sorpresa y más…

Burlington, WA, USA

Bailes De Ensueño

Burlington, WA, USA

(360) 724-8800


Selena en todas las Quinceañeras!

Porque nunca pueden faltar los clasicos de Selena! Mandame un mensaje con tus preguntas sobre Coreografias/Baile para tu Quince!#BailesDeEnsueno #DavinasQuince #DavinasBaileSorpresa

Posted by Bailes De Ensueño on Saturday, August 3, 2019
Moviendo los pies con un poco de merengue...

Un poquito de merengue para prender el ambiente!!#BailesDeEnsueno #DavinasQuince #DavinasBaileSorpresa

Posted by Bailes De Ensueño on Thursday, July 25, 2019
Practica Perfecta, Presentacion Perfecta!

La sincronización de estos muchachos fue maravillosa!#BailesDeEnsueno #LizsQuince #LizsBaileSorpresa

Posted by Bailes De Ensueño on Friday, July 19, 2019


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